What People Are Saying

I have worked with Ray for a year and a half now. I credit it, with me being able to move my life forward. I never would have had the courage to make these changes without his guidance. I've moved to a beautiful town in the Hamptons, I got a new job and miraculously found a new apartment in a place where that is not an easy feat. I am working on new goals now and am excited about my future.
Nancy Del Monaco

I have been taking advantage of coaching sessions with Ray for 7+ months now and my experiences are life changing!!

Lauren Racanelli

Ray's coaching and channeling have helped me cope with anxiety and self-doubt. They are both amazing! I will be forever grateful❤️

Cathie Greulich

Alan Schaffer, MD. Specializing in Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep and Obesity Medicine

"Working with Ray, I am able to see what is true and real. My life has changed so miraculously thanks to my openness and vulnerability, and Ray’s incredible intuition and ability to help me focus on what really matters."

Alicia Mathewson
Singer/Songwriter & Sound Healer

"Ray was born with natural gifts and I have always loved seeing him use them in service. If you need support in loving yourself as you allow true transformation to take place in your life, Ray will help show the way."

Susie Connerley 

"Ray has such an ability to hold a loving space for people. He really loves people, and wants to help them, which is so present in all that he does, and I think that it's so genuine and heartfelt."

Hillary Preter-Kent
Interior Designer

"Working with Ray the past six months has been the best decision I have ever made. In a short amount of time there has been breakthrough after breakthrough, and I have learned more about myself than I expected."