Welcome to RR.com! I am so honored and pleased to have you join us at this time in our planet’s evolution and ascension. My name is Ray Rolando, and I’m your guide at RR.

I've put together the following FAQ's to help with understanding how this creation came to be and why. I hope you find it insightful.

Purpose of this site

Q: What exactly is RR.com, why does it exist, and what does it offer?

A: Well, in short, I have been tasked with bringing forward a conscious web presence with very specific and sacred tools directly from the Ascended Masters and Archangels to assist folks in this “awakening” process currently happening on our planet.

These tools are here for everyone and may most strongly appeal to other lightworkers who are also here in service to humanity in this way at this time, or to anyone experiencing a deep yearning to find out more about who they really are and what their true purpose is.


Q: What is this mass awakening, or ascension, and why is it important?

A: The nature of nature is to shift and evolve. This is no different for the Earth itself. It, too, must grow and evolve for its own sake and for the sustenance of Cosmic Law. In short, the ascension is the returning of humanity back to the vibration of the heart and unity consciousness, and away from material greed.

As many of you already know, the Earth is, and has been, ascending (raising Her vibration) since the beginning of time. However, that vibration has grown so strongly in recent years that it is being collectively and simultaneously “realized” by Her inhabitants at an unprecedented rate. As this occurs, certain truths about our planet, and why we are all here are being revealed, both to lightworkers in service to humanity, and to humanity as a collective whole. This “revealing” or “unveiling”, as the vibrations shift higher and higher, is known as ascension.

During the process of ascension, energetic shifts on and in the planet, and among the human race, have been experienced in various ways as polarity shifts occur from one pole to another. So what was once positive becomes negative, and vice versa. For Gaia (Mother Earth), these shifts have most noticeably been witnessed by way of weather pattern changes and natural disasters, among others. For Her human inhabitants, these shifts have been experienced as increasing forms of cancer, rampant food allergies and intolerances (i.e. peanuts, gluten, etc.), increases in mental and emotional health dis-ease, and on and on.

For those aware and sensitive to these energies, like lightworkers, shifts in even more subtle energy fields have been widely felt and experienced, and have become to be known as “ascension symptoms” (i.e. headaches, various mood swings, dizziness, etc) among lightworkers.

The World is Changing Before Our Eyes

Q: What are some examples of how our world has been changing in the mainstream to accommodate the ascension process?

A: A perfect example of Global Polarity shift can be easily seen when comparing the Eastern and Western Hemispheres over the last 20-30 years and beyond.

As mass consciousness’ acceptance of Yoga and meditation is on the rise in the West, material wealth, economy and high rise apartments are popping up in the East at unprecedented rates; and all this while you hear less and less about Eastern Gurus, and more and more about Western thought leaders in the areas of self-help. This is why you would also find equally unprecedented mainstream acceptance and popularity in recent years for intuitives (psychics, mediums, and channels), transformational life coaches, energy healers and the like.

What the majority of these individuals, known as lightworkers (myself included), are here to do is to assist the planet in its ascension process by helping to ease the fear and symptoms of the “awakening process” because we have been well-prepared to do so.

This Lightworker’s Response

Q: How does Ray Rolando intend to help the planet during this time of the ascension?

A: My own spiritual awakening began in 2005. Since that time, I have been studying and learning in great depth about this process and its affect on the planet and its inhabitants. I have learned that, in actuality, I have been preparing for this time my entire life, and that every experience I have had has lent to my service to humanity.

I have obtained many tools to help others with in this awakening process as I have become more and more awake myself. As part of my self-discovery, I have learned to and have been consciously channeling (acting as an antenna for) the higher frequencies of the Ascended Masters and Archangels for nearly a decade, providing intuitive readings and channels of guidance wisdom, love and support to all who needed to hear and feel it.

Over the last 4 years, I have been following my own guidance to prepare to serve in a way that allows for greater reach, and have turned my attention more to mainstream Life Coaching. My goal to fulfill my blueprint has not changed: to reach as many individuals as possible with the messages of love, self-worth, acceptance, empowerment, fulfillment and happiness; to remind people everywhere that the only healing that is ever required is healing the belief that healing is required.

The Birth of RR.com

Q: How did RayRolando.com come to be?

A: As I was transitioning in my work to coaching and meeting regularly with clients, there was another aspect of me still wanting to be expressed. It was that part of me that wanted to help others who want to help others. Confused? Ok, so basically, there are many people who want to help others. With regard to the ascension process, I wanted to help the people who would be helping other people in that process.

I have had the grace on my spiritual journey to work with a Master Teacher, and Master energies. I have learned some of the highest teachings on the planet at this time, and I wanted to share those teachings with people who are helping others to awaken. So I reached out to a conscious coach and web designer to help me in my endeavors of discovering just what exactly wanted expressing.

As “luck” would have it, very early on in that process, four Archangels, Gabriel, Raphael, Jeremiel, and Michael, made a request known to me that a new method of support was being asked for by the collective of lightworkers and the general “awakening” community. A “handbook” of sorts was being requested to make this whole process a little easier for all involved. So the Archangels asked me if I would be willing to fulfill part of my blueprint by bringing their new joint offering with the Masters forward to the planet.

*Note: I said yes.

Archangel Gabriel says of the offering, "This unique combination pairs activated meditations from the Ascended Masters along with channeled loving guidance and wisdom from us, the Archangels. Our channels are specifically intended to support the activations, which will be awakening Cosmic truth at a cellular human level to help ease the ascension, and it's so-called symptoms."

Master Saint Germain continues, “Yes, and since new manifestation requires a third neutral energy in the trinity of energies needed to bring together the poles, we requested that Ray act as neutral. You see, the Ascended Masters in their former earth-bound lives were human beings who generally mastered the human experience and purpose early on, and now serve humanity from a higher realm.

The Archangels, while never human, are unparalleled in their desire to serve God Consciousness in man, while bringing forth the messages of loving wisdom, guidance and support to all. So there you have the two poles, positive and negative (prior human beings and non-human beings), utilizing a neutral party (Ray - a human) to connect to the Earth (ground) and then manifest (or materialize) higher wisdom in human form.

The combined energy of Ascended Master and Archangel teachings is intended to help further awaken the heart and activate purpose. Blending that with Ray’s ability to coach others in the ascension process, what has been created is a tri-fold formula for success: 1) high-vibrational channeled & activated meditations and teachings from the Masters, 2) consecutively written 4-part channels of support and wisdom from the Archangels, and 3) complete support mechanisms in the form of Ascension Wellness Programs with a conscious coach to help guide you on your journey. We deem this trifecta the "Enlightenment Assistance Program™”.

I am so excited to share this work with the world and truly look forward to working with you!

Ever Awakening, Always LOVE ~