Transformational Journeys

Your SHIFT has come in, as your transformation has arrived!

For individuals, couples, families, groups, or businesses seeking to invest in a program that will provide exponential personal or professional growth, Oceans offers immersive, pre-paid packages designed to suit your well-being.

These power-packs are truly an investment in well-being, a whole person approach - one that will shift your life and your perspective of it forever, in ALL ways - emotional, spiritual, and physical - if you allow it.  They are a gift for you and everyone you love, and for everyone who loves and cares about you. For it is a Universal Law that when you love and care about you, you create a space for others to do the same for you and for themselves.

Here are our currently recommended individual plan packages:

Insightful 8 Session Program

  • 1 appointment per week for 8 weeks
  • 8 Prepaid sessions for $135.00 per session - a 10% discount

Total Exchange for Insightful Program: $1,080.00

Introspective 12 Session Program

  • 1 appointment per week for 12 weeks
  • 12 Prepaid sessions for $127.50 per session - a 15% discount

Total Exchange for Introspective Program: $1,530.00

Intensive 16 Session Program

  • 1 appointment per week for 16 weeks
  • 16 Prepaid sessions for $120.00 per session - a 20% discoun

Total Exchange for Intensive Program: $1,920.00


More on Our Coaching Programs

These incredible retreats into yourself are designed for your serious desire to empower yourself within and to the world around you! Each coaching program is intentionally architected in a way that allows you to immerse yourself week to week in powerful teachings about "the way it all works", while receiving tools and techniques for deeper self-mastery. Learning how we create our world with our perceptions of it, we become aware of just how powerful we are and then begin creating what we DO want!  The best part?  You will never move energy that you are not ready to move, and you will never shift a perspective that you are not ready to shift.  It is impossible to do so, as the very foundation of this work is YOUR willingness to shift during your experience.

Your journey unfolds each consecutive week like puzzle pieces of the incredible mystery that is you, just like that incredible novel you cannot put down. Each week, pieces of you come together in magical and transformative ways that shift your perspectives for a healthier, happier version of you!

All throughout these amazing, private one-on-one programs, you will know that Ray is acting as your guide along the path of self-discovery! Utilizing his natural gifts of Intuition, Energy Healing, & Channeling in concert with the wisdom of his studies in Coaching, and various certifications in Healing and NLP, Ray is literally capable of helping you to move blocked energy in a moment's notice to help you transform!

We are excited to work with you!

For more information on the above programs, or for couples' and professional program information, please contact us here, or call Colby at 845-637-5191. Customized packages are also available upon request.