Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching at

Transformational Coaching is a method by which a safe and supportive space is created by Ray that assists the client in connecting deeply to themselves and their current situations to process the on-goings in their life - past, present and future.  This generally has profound healing effects, bringing swift forward progress that generates a renewed sense of clarity, confidence, purpose, meaning, and passion.


As individuals in the world, our perspectives on the events taking place in our lives are based on our belief systems.  Our belief systems drive how we see the world.   When individuals shift their belief systems, this shift leads to changes in how they view the world, and how they relate to it.  When positive, more expansive belief systems are put into place, this can lead to exponential personal, and/or professional, growth and happiness.


Traditionally, transformational coaching is defined as a client-practitioner relationship wherein an experienced and trained coach assists the client in the practice of being accountable for what occurs in the client’s life, so as to achieve forward progress with whatever it is they are working on at the moment.   Coaching empowers them to shift their interpretations about how they relate to the world in which they exist.  The coaching is aimed at being transformational in that the goal is to help the client shift their states of awareness and being.  In so doing, they begin to empower themselves in inspirational ways, healing the past, and bringing a renewed sense of self within the world.

At, Ray Rolando takes his sessions several steps beyond the traditional coaching atmosphere.  Specifically, sessions on these programs are not just 60 minutes in length. They keep you connected to your coach throughout the week in between 1 hour in-person appointments with added text, email and phone support as needed*.

Coaching Style

Ray has many years of extensive training in Personal Mastery and Eastern Philosophies abroad, holds several energy healing certifications and initiations, and is a certified NLP practitioner.   He is a natural communicator with a good sense of humor, and is blessed with the gifts of intuition and the ability to read, understand and shift energy.  His gifts, combined with his exhaustive training and his own powerful life experiences and transformations, have given him the ability to “see the unseen” and help to uncover blind spots, while operating in an environment of full acceptance and non-judgment.

Ray’s coaching style is a blend of NLP, spiritual and intuitive guidance, and Energy healing work.   He works one-on-one with individuals, as well as with couples, groups, and in business environments.  He works in person, over the phone, and through Skype as needed.

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