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  • THE MYSTIC’S Message: Weeks of 8/26/19 & 9/9/19 – Life Unimagined & The Impossible

    Week of 8/26/19:


    To live a life unimagined is either a life of ignorance and suffering, or one of extreme trust and surrender in and to the Universe. Either way, it is a life that does not involve you being at the center of... well... your life.

    You see, you ARE the Creator. We know... we keep telling you that. But it is true. The idea is that the more we tell you, the more the seed settles in, and eventually sprouts roots. To become the Creator, however, you have to remember your ability to merge with that energy. To do this, imagining your life unfolding in various ways trains the mind to look for and nearly expect it.

    The key, of course, is to NOT become expectant or attached to outcomes. The Creator is not. The Creator just is. The Creator experiences the experience, through the experiencer that it created. Yes, you may want to read that again.

    When the experiencer and the Creator merge, you meet yourself again.

    The bottom line is that the same energy of the Creator is inside you. "First there was the word and the word became manifest." Right? Well, what do you suppose was before the word? Correct... an idea... an imagined thought, then the word that created it, and then the experience OF it.

    So to remember your Creatorship, you need to imagine your life as such. Feel into it. Then state it within the Great Expanse of the Universe. Then... TRUST it to be so WITHOUT expectation, but rather a clear knowing. Then... experience it.

    But, do live a life imagined. After all, you were given imagination for this purpose. Use it to Create... in love... and love is what you will see and experience.

    With so much love in our hearts for you,


    Week of 9/9/19:


    Life begins where the impossible dies in your experience.

    To live this truth, you need to forego literals in order to expand beyond limited potential. For instance, "flying" can be experienced through various forms of meditation and altered realities. While this does NOT mean that actual flying cannot be experienced by those who have learned to transcend physics, it does mean that life begins when you let go of your limited self and begin to live in your unlimited consciousness.

    To live beyond the self means to let go of everything you thought you knew, for you "know" something only in the mind and the thinking mind believes you are the body. Given the mind is limited in what it HAS experienced in a body, you will need elements of what you have NOT experienced to imagine experiences in the impossible into your reality. You do this with heart-based energy, not head-based energy. This means the impossible becomes possible when you leave limitation.

    Only the heart knows the true expanse of possibility.

    In fact, the heart knows EVERYTHING the thinking mind does not. Feel into this for a moment. This must mean that the heart is actually at the Center of Creation. Interesting. This is also so IN your body, and we have told you the outer mirrors the inner.

    So to experience all that is, even and especially the impossible, you must live from the heart, rather than the limited, thinking mind. You must expand beyond others' truths and belief systems. You must stop believing there is a "must", and instead trust with the faith of a must-ARD seed. There you MUST experience Alternate Reality Delivered (ARD)... you MUST trust to deliver yourselves to alternate realities.

    Therefore, to dream the impossible into reality, trust... and you MUST find it. But you have to let go of the concepts of coincidence and impossible. For it is not coincidental that the impossible delivered comes from the Center of All Things, from the Center of YOU.

    With so much love in our hearts for you,



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