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  • THE MYSTIC’S Message: Week of 11/12/18 – True Surrender


    Greetings, Earth Angels. Today, we come to you with a very important message about discernment. Note, there’s a very real difference between giving up on life and spiritual surrender.

    Giving up involves lack of participation, and a general disconnect from day-to-day interactions, relationships, career, and the like. Surrender is not these things at all. In fact, it is the opposite.

    Surrender is full acceptance of what is - full acceptance of what is in every moment, in every way. It is a waking desire to be in day-to-day interactions, relationships, career and everything in between. Surrender is a full, loving acceptance of what you have, with a desire to have what you have, while you await the Divine’s direction for your next step or steps.

    The Best and clearest way to hear the divines next steps for you is to embrace what you have now with for gratitude and appreciation. It is a “bowing” to the moment, an appreciation unlike any other, that you have EXACTLY what you need.

    When you are in surrender, you understand that you have NO THING, yet you are connected to EVERY THING. You realize you own nothing because you are everything, and yet it is not yours because it was ALL given to you, or bestowed upon you.

    Surrender is an active prayer, an offering to the Supreme Creator with every Divine Breath that you take in a fashion that gives up everything that breath is experiencing to the Divine life force that granted it.

    Surrender is acknowledging your role in this Game, and that it would not be possible without the Supreme Being, of which you are a part.

    So surrender to it, and to you, while you await your next set of instructions and you will hear and feel the transmissions SO much more easefully. There you will cease blame, shame and desperation. There, you will find us more readily, and you will KNOW we are with you every step of the way. There, you will find your full truth in short order. There, you will meet and know God.

    So... surrender, surrender, surrender.

    With so much love in our hearts for you,


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