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  • THE MYSTIC’S Message: Week of 7/22/19 – Climbing The Mountains of Consciousness


    Friends, it is time to climb the mountains of consciousness within. It is time to experience the heights of who you are by becoming able to navigate the absence of attachment - to outcomes, to the material and, specifically, to projection. Yes, attachment to projection - yours and others’.

    It is absolutely incumbent upon you now to cease taking anything and everything personally. What others experience is NOT about you, or even FOR you, unless you make it so. But we can tell you with absolution that when you continue to allow those distractions, you prevent the windows of conscious opportunity from coming sooner for you, though you cannot dictate when they arrive - hence not being attached, but rather just being.

    The moment has arrived for you to consciously experience beingness, thereby transcending projectionness, leading you to Creator-ness. When you choose to look not at others and their projections, but rather at minding your own business, you step into Creator, and your true Creator-ship!

    Projection, even positive projection, from others about who you are is never the whole truth, but a literal projection on the movie screen you call reality from YOUR own consciousness. This is happening to validate what you believe, so you can experience it as a creator. This means you can create whatever you would like to experience.

    You might imagine how much more energy you would have if chose not to place your energy on others and their beliefs and instead squarely on your own.

    The minute you become powerful enough to stand in your own projections without needing validation out there, you have become THE teacher. Now, do not misunderstand. You may have glimpses of this and leave it again, and come back to it from time to time. But eventually you no longer need the external to validate. Rather, you will validate AND know it, and then keep creating... consciously.

    Please do not choose to give up, friend. You are RIGHT there and you chose to wake up in this life. So, you are becoming more and more aware, more and more mindful by the day, by the moment. This is a practice and you are well on your way. And never had there been a more supportive time in the Cosmic Dynamic for you to “get it”.

    You are believed in... because you believe in you, and because you have deemed it so. Now, you simply owe it to yourself to experience it.

    With so much love in our hearts for you,


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