Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern

  • THE MYSTIC’S Message: Week of 1/14/18 – Learning TO BE

    Learning "TO BE" -

    The teachings of "to be" are what you are now learning again to re-incorporate. No that was not a mistake in the last sentence. You are learning AGAIN and, as a result, "RE-INCORPORATING".

    POINT OF CONTEMPLATION: What is consciousness?

    You are reincorporating HIGH TRUTHS. You are awakening to the full potential of your light bodies once more... LIGHT bodies, not bodies. You are up-leveling your consciousness - as a being, as a collective, AS a consciousness.

    What this generically means is that you are learning that everything you thought you knew as a human was an illusion. There is truth in it, but only inasmuch as 

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