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  • THE MYSTIC’S Message: Week of 3/25/19 – Re-Invention


    Good tidings, all. Today we come with a VERY simple, yet VERY powerful lesson. It starts with the idea of re-invention, or re-inventing yourself. Perhaps you already are feeling the transmission. We believe you are, in fact, feeling it but may not logistically understand it yet, so let us assist you.

    We are directly addressing an issue you have struggled with for many years in your dimensional time and space. For a large portion of your life you have often asked yourself, and us, what you were supposed to be doing at "this" time or another. Further, still, you have wondered why so many things appeared not to work out as you had hoped or expected.

    Lightworkers, worry not. For, you see, lifetime after lifetime you have struggled with finding your true calling. However, your spirit was not yet refined enough, and the timing not Divine enough, for the two to finally converge.

    Your TRUE calling is to merge with the Creator and BECOME the Creator. But you required lifetimes of polishing out and paying back your unconsciously created karma, so that you might consciously find a true path back HOME. It has arrived.

    That you are reading these words is a sign of the times, and that it is time to re-invent yourself. What this means is that it is safe to double-back now to the things that truly make your heart sing. It is time to find the joy in those things for the sake of joy, not necessarily for the sake of being seen, recognized, and accepted.

    You have spent lifetimes working on accepting you as you are, not as others expected you to be, and not as you expected you to be based on others' beliefs. It is time to re-discover what makes you happy BECAUSE it makes you happy. That will bring deep joy, flow, abundance, and prosperity in all ways now. Just do not be attached, and you can HAVE it all. But reach with attachment, and the wind generated by your reach will push away said "objects of desire".

    Grasp, now, ONLY in service to your fellow man and re-invent your desires to higher desires - desires that all may awaken through your offerings, including you to the highest vibrational realms. The higher you go with your re-inventions, the more of service you can be. Keep your eyes now on service, and God truly will hear your prayers the loudest, and will respond to them with swift action.

    Trust in trust, faith in faith... Service IS your re-invention.

    With so much love in our hearts for you,


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