THE MYSTIC’S Message: Weeks of 9/30/19 & 10/7/19 – True Investments & Attitude to Mood

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Week of 9/30/19


Friends, you should never spend money again... or time... or energy. Instead, invest your resources. Invest money, time and and energy in that which brings you joy... over and over again. Spending implies lack. Investing implies conscious choice to place attention where you deem so necessary.

If you are always investing in you, then you are always growing you. For, even when you are investing in something or someone outside of you, you are making a choice to use something Divine from within, and place it out there. This is a true investment. This, too, keeps you in good stead.

This mindset initiates an abundant consciousness... one that understands (perhaps without knowing) that you will always have what you need when you keep your eye on the Creator. For Source is all-knowing, all-prevailing, all-providing. And it is only when you take your eyes off of that which gave you eyes, that you see material, rather than Divine.

From this point forward in your life, go with Divine Sight. See as if you were the Creator, given that you actually are. Attempt every day, in every single way, to remember that that which gave you eyesight, you ARE. That which gave you this experience of life, you ARE. So serve it to the best of your ability by saying "thank you" in all that you do... all that you choose to invest in. For all that you choose IS Divinely Chosen.

When you can remember that you are choosing with God's direction, expressing with God's discernment, loving with God's eternal energy, everything in your life becomes an investment in purifying your own sight, so that you may see like God again. The truth is... you ARE God. You have simply forgotten. So you spend your days, rather than investing in them.

Choose now to invest, for your return is high when you place stock in Creation, and your own ability to create. You are magic, and nothing less. So invest in that magic, and allow yourself to be guided in all you do, by a higher power, for a higher power.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


Week of 10/7/19


Beloved comrades in the journey to awakening, the time is nigh. Daily, it is becoming more and more evident that manifesting is as simple as focusing your energy where you want it to lead you. Humans are manifesting, finally, at unprecedented rates.

This has so much to do with attitude. The attitude of possibility opens you to it. An attitude of limitation, well, frankly shows you your limited self.

It is time to acknowledge, at the deepest of levels, that it is not the "out there" that creates your moods. It is the attitude inside that actually determines what you attract to you.

To live a life of abundance, you must have an attitude of appreciation for ALL that you have. This includes the perceived "not so great", which might we say, has led you to great things. That is correct; the not so great circumstances have led you to great things. If you always chose to see it this way, since it is actually true, then you would begin being SO grateful for the great and the no so great. When you are GRATE-ful for ALL of it, GREAT things are sure to come to you.

For it is your attitude, ultimately, that leads to your moods. There is no one out there, actually, that is there to hurt you. There is no circumstance, either, out there that there to hurt you. It is all there BECAUSE of you, and FOR you.

So herein lies the best part. You can make a decision ANY time you want. Since time does not actually exist, but rather only the present, you can choose in ANY moment to shift your attitude to one of gratitude and gratefulness for it all. When you do, rest assured that in short order, you will reap major benefits from the seeds of gratitude you have sown.

Do it all without expectation, but simply because you would rather be grateful. In so doing, you neutralize grasping for the fruits of your actions. Instead, you are just simply happy with what you have. After all, you have to want what you have to have what you want.

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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