THE MYSTIC’S Message: Week of 6/10/19 – The New Imperative

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Friends, with so much powerful shift happening on the planet, it is time to simply take inventory. You each must truly connect internally to what you would like your outside world to look like. To do this, of course, requires candid honesty with yourself about the state of affairs in your inner world.

You need to ensure that what "lies beneath" is balanced if you are to create a balanced "out there".  Make no mistake, to work from within to create without, you must be absolutely willing to invest FULLY now in the New Imperative. The New Imperative states, "You must be absolutely willing as a sentient being to WHOLEHEARTEDLY FEEL your way moment to moment to create your next creation, and every one thereafter. You must trust, too, in this endeavor that you may always change how you feel, and therefore always remain capable of changing your outer world, over and over again."

Friends, please take that in.

You see, what you feel, you create. Don't like what you've created? Feel into it again, and create anew. There are no mistakes. You cannot make a mistake from love. Simply aim your intentions internally at creating your inner world with love, sow that love in the outer world. What is not aligned will be shown to you, You will then sharpen your intentions, re-take aim, and fire. Your manifestations will keep appearing for review, re-clarification, and potentially for re-creation.

Remember, you must ALWAYS take full responsibility for your creations. If you are willing to do that, there is literally no stopping you in the new world. However, trust and faith are absolutely necessary in the New Imperative. Without them, you will continue to create inside in fear. And then what do you suppose outside will reflect to you? You guessed it... fear.

Simply stay in your hearts. When you veer off the road of love, gently pull the steering wheel back into alignment and "steer your committee" again toward love. In this way, you practice your marksmanship with, at minimum, the intention for love. The more you do so, the more you manifest love in your outer world. But to do it all, or anything at all at this time, you MUST be willing to feel.

And you are. After all, this is why YOU were chosen. So worry not. Steer from love, toward love. And your car, and those you serve in it, will always be safe.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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