THE MYSTIC’S Message: Week of 4/27/20 – Dualistic Resurrection

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Greetings, friends. The weeks, months, and years ahead hold so much change and opportunity for you.

And our message today to you is clear... not that you should be clamoring and hiding under rocks or looking to protect yourselves, but rather you should be opening up your hearts to the majesty of truth that is presenting itself at this time.

At this time, a dual resurrection, if you will, is occurring. Though these messages have NEVER been religious in nature, they are, for sure, truthful in nature. The truth is, your world - your Earth - had a savior born unto it just over 2,000 years ago. A man by the name of Jesus was birthed and taught high teachings on your realm at a time well before man at large was ready to receive his messages.

In your recent past, the Catholic tradition had a holiday, called Easter, and Easter is a time of contemplation - not necessarily contemplation of a man, but contemplation of an inner time with self. This time is known as self-reflection - an opportunity for individuals to change the way they choose to look at things in their world.

If you look at the life and teachings of Jesus as an example - not a religious one, but a truthful one - you see a man steeped in truth and unsure how to get his truth to the world. Jesus had a message, and his message was that love conquers all other religion. Love conquers all fear. Love, not greed, is what you should be reaching for if you should be reaching for anything.

We say to you today, "Dual Resurrection", because what we mean is that, to the outer, the eyes seek a message for the inner. When the inner knows the truth, the outer reflects the reality of that truth. When the inner is not knowing of the truth, or unsure of the truth, or unsure of its self, it may look to the outer and may very well be confused by the multitudes of truth that exist there, generated by the masses. While it can be argued that the masses are creating that reality for the individual self, it can also be argued that the individual self is creating this confusion so as to find the self's truth.

Jesus' message - as was the message of Mohammed, as was the message of the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, as is the message of all enlightened beings - was to inner reflect and know thy truth, and in so doing, produce a reality that the individual can exist in despite mass belief. And by this example, one may learn harsh lessons - lessons even of crucifixion by the mass consciousness that is not ready for the high vibration of enlightened self-perspective. Yet, to be enlightened, is to know that you are at one with God, and to project that reality into the physical world - not necessarily with your words, but by your actions in the way that you live. For you live your life in reverence to the Almighty Oneness of All that gave you the breath of life as an opportunity to offer all the experiences that come from the breath of life back to the Creator Almighty. With this Divine Perspective, one can rise from any ashes and resurrect oneself in truth and in sacred reverence to the self as it offers its experiences to the Creator.

At this time in humanity's history, a plague has hit the planet.  This plague is not an actual virus. The virus is a metaphor for the greed of the material that has seeped into the hearts of man on the inside from the outside. The cure is not a vaccine. For the truest vaccine comes from curing greed with trust... and faith, acceptance, surrender, and service. If you were to make your life solely about serving others, which by the way also serves the individual soul, so much of your world would change that you would know who you are. We ask, "are you ready for this?" If so, we are ready to help provide it, as you remain steadfast in your journey to receive this.

Be strong, go deep, be still, and know thyself. This is a service beyond all services.

Loving you ALL WAYS from where we are...

Forever in our hearts,



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