THE MYSTIC’S Message: Week of 1/6/20 – New Year, New Vision, New Life

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Welcome to FOCUS!

2020 has arrived and, with it, the promise of new manifestations.

Yet, we remind you now that dreams to reality are as much about your action AS WELL as your prayers. A prayer is you speaking to God. Meditation is your opportunity to listen to God. And although meditation is action, it does not always mean sitting in crossed-legged pose with your eyes closed. In fact, meditation also means you taking action in the world with focused intent, with the presence of The Creator within you with your eyes VERY much open.

Now, we say that we have been teaching you for years that the world is not as you were trained to believe it is. This year begins the journey to realizing JUST how powerful you, your beliefs, and your creations truly are. That, AND you will also learn how powerful your ability to DE-manifest is.

With this, we tell you to watch your word. It truly is your bond... to the material world. What you speak, how you speak it, and the intent behind your words will show you JUST how powerful you truly are. All this to say that 2020 IS the year to show you how important your inner sight delivers your external reality.

With that in mind, and hopefully in heart, you should be VERY excited about the prospects for a year of wondrous creations, as long as you choose to see it ALL that way. You are simply as powerful as you perceive yourself to be. And now more than ever you are being asked to own this, and cease putting your focus on external sources.

The responsibility to create lies with you, on you, and in you. Everything you perceive is a reflection of you and where your consciousness is. Remember, you can change ANYTHING you do not resonate with. Again, consider your intentions, be crystal clear, and as loving, kind and generous to all involved WHILE making any changes. Mostly, put yourself at the forefront. Be centered in self, not self-centered... even if others have a hard time seeing it that way. They are simply a reflection of your ability to either love or not love yourself in any moment. If you can accept them and their projections as where they are, and you are happy in you, then your focused ability to create in 2020 and beyond will be stellar... truly... think portal, gateway, powerful.

With that, know that we are behind and under you, supporting this journey to awakening. And we are cheering you on all the way.

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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