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Disclaimer: These meditations (displayed below to active silver, gold and platinum members) aim to create a relaxed, receptive state of awareness and being. They should ONLY be played at times when you can relax, and should NEVER be played while operating heavy machinery, or while driving a motor vehicle. In addition, these audios are purposefully unedited. As they are channeled messages from The Universe, and imperfections are part of the human experience, to keep the imperfections included shows the true nature of how these channels come through Ray as a human.Sometimes, repeating words or "mistakes" in the stream of consciousness through time and space (or, more accurately, through no time and no space) helps Ray to further ground in the energies on the human realm.

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*** NOTE:  3-4 installments of the latest channeled audio meditations will always be available here in the LWB, where they can be listened to by silver members and downloaded by gold members. After such time, prior content will remain available in the Shop here. Gold members, be sure to download them for safe-keeping!

12 - 20 - 19 - The Golden Fire Part 5 - Living With New Vision

It's time to fully empower yourself! Living With New Vision is an incredible summary for this powerful 5 part series, The Golden Fire. It offers incredible perspective and depths of teaching taking you from the old to the new in a quick 15 minutes. The mastery embodied in this audio holds the key to unlocking your own, providing Crystal Clear Clarity as you step confidently into the NEW VISION you have been "looking" for!

9 - 25 - 19 - The Golden Fire Part 4 - Back Through The Looking Glass

Time to see who you really are. Back Through The Looking Glass is wonderful for bringing inner peace, stillness, and serenity. It works well to neutralize anxiety, stress, fear, or depression-type energy, and overall blood pressure. During this incredible journey, you are asked to step across the threshold of belief to have an experience that will leave you positively changed forever. This meditation connects you to the Light of God, the Creator, or Source Energy to show you just how vast YOU, and God's love for you, are.

7 - 20 - 19 - The Golden Fire Part 3 - Light Of Being

Just… simply… relax… and learn about the Bio-Dynamics of Your Light-Being. This meditation connects the breath to the crown to open your true potential.  While gently engaging the crown, and teaching you to remember who you really are, this nearly 15 minute experience fills you with enough light quotient to last several lifetimes. You are reminded about time and how it benefits you to create the duality you exist in, and how to transcend it. This one’s a keeper! 

6 - 3 - 19 - The Golden Fire: Part 2 - Infusion of Light

Journey to the Moment BEFORE Creation! For the perfect infusion of love and upliftment, this incredible injection of light is precisely the shot in the arm required to remember who YOU Are! When in doubt, pick this audio up and listen. Feel into its passion as you recall the truths beyond 3D all whilst traveling once more to the Cosmos and Beyond, and past the stars and planets to the moment just before... you! Ease and relax more deeply as you become more and comfortable with just how BIG YOU ARE!

4 - 3 - 19 - The Golden Fire: Part 1 - The Blacksmith

Journey to Creation! In this incredible experience, you get to relax while a beautiful ray of Golden Light beams you to Source. All the while, as you ease and relax deeper into your being, you are enveloped in the Light of Peace And Truth that devours and removes all untruth and blocks. In this unique unfoldment, you meet the Creator Energy - what a gift!

1 - 22 - 19 - Quan Yin's Art of Prayer

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of prayer is?  Then this audio is for you. It answers the questions of hopelessness, fear, and pointlessness, both verbally and energetically. It is the literal elixir required for the spiritual journeyman whose heart has had a bit of doubt creep in. It is ALSO the perfect reminder and maintenance upliftment needed to keep you going when you have already gone deep with topics like this. In this audio download, the revered Lady Quan Yin puts to rest all of the mind's questions, by bringing to the heart such an energy of compassion for you and for your journey, that only a Master could do. We hope you find solace in your own heart, in your own mind, and on your own path by listening to this message, and that your compassion for yourself becomes as bright as sun that acts as your sustainer. You deserve it.

11 - 30 - 18 - Hilarion's Vibration of Being (Available here in the shop)

Stillness… That is what is in this master-piece… Absolute stillness. During this incredible journey with master hilarion, he shows us his mastery by maintaining complete neutrality. He reminds us of his humanity and what he went through to achieve his current status. Fittingly, he also reminds us how the Masters “support“ us. I suggest listening to this audio as often as possible and as often as needed. Enjoy!

9 - 24 - 18 - Isis' Sovereign Kingdom (Available here in the shop)

Lady Isis and the Sovereign Kingdom - wow! This audio meditation clears the aura, calms our humanness, and re-centers and repositions the soul within our physical form.

While the title implies much, there is SO much to be drawn from Isis, who she is, and the energy she emits... for us all. Isis is a true wayshower of sovereignty, and what it means to feel like a sovereign being. She reminds us of the illusions of the Earth world, and that to "stand up straight" in who you are within you, is to show the world that you are remembering THE truth of your royal origins. Be prepared for downloads galore for weeks, months and years to come!

7 - 22 - 18 - St. Germain's Quantum Creations Part 1 (Available here in the shop)

Welcome to the power of Quantum Thinking... AND Creating! In part 1 of this multi-faceted series, Master St. Germain, the famous alchemist, begins to assist you in subtly opening the nadis (channels, pathways, streams of energy) in the human vessel to remembering your ability to create. He energetically takes us into a powerful space in our heart centers to begin to teach the Divine Mind what stillness means. He does so to remind us how powerful we as creators are. From here, St. Germain hands us the powerful keys to the Cosmic Chasm where he teaches on Quantum Mechanics to plant powerful seeds of creation energies within you. He draws upon the metaphors of Ancient Wisdom in religious texts to deliver powerful truths. Hang on to your hats, folks, because this is merely PART 1!

9 - 30 - 18 - St. Germain's Quantum Creations Part 2 (Available here in the shop)

The wait is over. Part 2 is here, and it is a literal ticket to the Quantum Realms!

This audio clears the thinking brain, eliminates the fog, and brings you straight to the astral and causal planes for creations of love to form in short order. Master St. Germain has provided us with another gem and, in it, he has given us a literal gift. In the midst of his teachings in this incredible audio, Master Germain brings us on a journey to the astral plane and explains how it is influenced by the causal plane, and how that is used to create from causal, through astral, and into the physical world you currently find yourself in. Uniquely powerful indeed!

5 - 15 - 18 - Archangel Michael's Den Of Truth (Available here in the shop)
This powerfully unprecedented meditation from Archangel Michael cleanses the mind, and brings BALANCE to your WHOLE being - emotional, physical, and mental. In it, Michael unveils powerful truths about the birth of peace, planting deep seeds for humanity about how to attain it. In this audio channel, the listener is brought back to the "beginning" to reset, observe from another angle, and begin to create from your truth, rather than others'. Setting us up for what could be a series of channels, Michael lays an incredible foundation that mixes just enough mystery with masterful amounts of love and truth. Ready, set, receive!

3 - 26 - 18 - Lord Maitreya's Alchemy (Available here in the shop)
The formula for manifesting has been delivered! If you have ever wondered how to "wave your hand" and change your circumstances by dis-creating one reality, and creating a new one, look no further than this meditation. Lord Maitreya talks in detail about how the energy of manifestation works. He drops powerful seeds while hinting at what each of us needs to look at in order to create the world we want. Without directly saying so, Maitreya masterfully talks about how both micro and macro manifestation can be achieved for us all.

1 - 29 - 18 - Adonis' Focused Heart (Available here in the shop)
Abundance in a bottle has arrived! If ever you have needed the positive abundance of the universe delivered to your doorstep for you to create what you want in this world, in service to humanity, this is it. Master Adonis has brought us something so extraordinary in an energetically "Tubular" way, literally and figuratively. This is definitely one for the ages - Enjoy!

12 - 8 - 17 - Lord Brahma's Birthing (Available here in the shop)
Create anew! In this powerful manifestation meditation, Lord Brahma, the Creator, comes to us with the energy of awakening the creator within. In fact, he initiates you into it! While regulating our breath, Brahma explains how the God energies of the Divine Triad are helping us to create the New World, and breaking apart the old. He talks about where our individual and collective focus needs to be to bring forth the world we believe is possible for us all. He gives us simple questions to ask ourselves in order to create the rhythm of creation. Further, Brahma tells us to call upon Him to assist us with moving out the old, and making space for the new in the Golden Age. After all, as Brahma says here, the birthing process can be painless and fun. So have fun!

10 - 22 - 17 - Joseph's Devotion (Available here in the shop)
This meditation is about the energy of devotion and bypassing the monkey mind of doubt and fear. Joseph offers a literal opportunity for us to feel devotion in the tone of his voice. While he teaches about sacred symbology and the energetics behind them, as well as discussing reincarnation and its purpose, the real message here is about getting beyond doubt with devotion. The vibration, or frequency, of this transmission speaks to the heart of true devotion which goes beyond logical understanding. For when your heart simply knows something to be the case, it wants to follow it with unprecedented and unrestricted flow. The mind and its "logic", however, often get in the way. When it does, pick up this meditation during the day, or as you are falling asleep, and let the doubts fall away.

NOTE: Joseph (A.K.A. "St. Joseph")  talks about being known by various names. He includes "Mary's husband", "Jesus' Father/Guardian", and "Joseph of Arimathea". Just a clarification here. As I was channeling this message live, I was quite aware that "Joseph of Arimathea" and "Jospeh, the Father of Jesus" were quite literally two distinct Biblical figures and, in fact, separate people. So simultaneously while channeling, I asked Jospeh should I edit the audio message and this was his response, "No. Although incorrect historically, Joseph of Arimathea is often credited by non-scholars as the Father of Jesus, and the Father of Jesus is often credited as Joseph of Arimathea. So to reach a larger audience here, let us simply apply the teaching, I AM THAT I AM because some will believe they know me by the other's name." Additionally, and for informational purposes only, there are accounts of St. Joseph living in King David's home as a boy growing up, given he was a direct descendant of David's bloodline. Furthermore, there are also accounts of St. Jospeh being the very reincarnation of King David himself hence, perhaps, the reason for his being chosen to be the guardian of the child Jesus.

9 - 11 - 17 - Mother Teresa's Gift of Service (Available here in the shop)
This absolute gem of a meditation brings the grace and peace of the beautiful soul of Mother Teresa of KolKata (Calcutta), India. In it, she teaches us how to get hold of the monkey mind to help us find our true purpose and path in life. St. Teresa teaches us about her history, and shares her secrets to show us how to return to love, peace and service to mankind. Her gentle kindness can be deeply felt and can transform you while listening if you allow it to. See how the incredible wisdom of this servant for peace radiates throughout the audio directly into your own heart. Just brilliant!

7 - 31 - 17 - Jesus' The Calm (Available here in the shop)
Peacefulness has arrived. The calm you are looking for is right here. Imagine sitting with Master Jesus for 15 minutes, and then add a minute and 20 seconds as he takes you straight to your dharmic path. Just wow. Jesus the Christ teaches very succinctly, with precision, in a calm and balanced way just how to get in rhythm with consciousness, so that you have access to your FULL resources. Jesus talks about how reigning in the focus is as simple as re-directing it to this place of "slow down" within you. And if you feel you cannot easefully do it on your own, he invites you to pick up this audio whenever you need to. It will take you to an empowered calm straight away.

6 - 21 - 17 - Krishna's Way To Love  (Available here in the shop)
Krishna has come to lovingly deliver you back deeply into your own heart. Here, this playful Master powerfully, yet subtly, casts a veil of protection over you while reminding you that choice is among the most powerful tools to bring you back Home. Krishna provides high vibrational, powerful teachings of love and wholeness. Alone, Krishna's presence and delivery cast out any remnants of fear during these questionable times. The only question you will be left with is, "Can I listen again?". Enjoy!

5 - 12 - 17 - St. Anthony's Art of Peace  (Available here in the shop)

Immediate Stillness! That is the subtle power of this incredible meditation. St. Anthony's ability to bring you into stillness upon his first spoken words is so powerful. He goes on to tell us the importance of scripture, but not for the reasons you perhaps once thought. It is not about doctrine. It is about so much more, perhaps mostly even the unspoken word. St. Anthony, the Master Orator, talks to us about the power of energy and how he delivered powerful truths through his service of speaking passionately.

NOTE: St. Anthony talks about Pope John John Paul exhuming his body, and almost deliberately throws the audience because it was St. Bonaventure who first exhumed the body 32 years after his death and Bonaventure apparently found dust in place of bones. John Paul found all of the above in 1981 AND his bones. Thus, the teaching of how what you feel from the energy of the spoken word is always more important than words that distract. In fact, if you listen more than once, you will hear a slight break from talking of John Paul to referring to "they". It is here that Anthony challenges you to listen with your heart and to find the magic in YOUR truth. What a master!

3 - 27 - 17 - Garden of Ganesh (Available here in the shop)
This serene meditation calms and soothes as Ganesh energetically shows you who you are. Here, he teaches that to invite prosperity, abundance and success, we must make ready the path by clearing away old patterns of untruth. While he energetically clears your vessel and your aura during this subtly powerful experience, Ganesh teaches how even he is misinterpreted, or misunderstood by the masses, and why. It is almost as though he is crafting a story for you while providing the very healing he speaks of, the same way a fantastic doctor works their magic so that you never "feel any pain". Open up, now, to the beautiful essence of Ganesh while he lovingly vanquishes and neutralizes your doubts, so that you may have all that is positive and waiting for you.

2 - 12 - 17 - Beautiful Mind of Buddha (Available here in the shop)
In this enlightened meditation, Buddha teaches you about anger and karma, and tells us why anger is necessary. He energetically helps you to clear both negative karma and anger by bringing in such a peacefulness that you can literally feel it permeate your being. Yes, you read this correctly. The Buddha himself has shown up in this installment to help you transform human anger, agitation, and frustration into peace, quiet and calm in the human mind and heart in just over 15 minutes. He insists you can and should listen to this audio to cleanse your vessel any time the human feelings of discontentment in any way arise within you. What a gift!

1 - 2 - 17 - Hilarion's Healing for Humanity (Available here in the shop)
This powerful meditation is both an amazing reminder as well as a maintenance gem. This transmission is perfect for those who believe they need to step back into 5D if you think you have lost your way. Having said that, it is equally as powerful as a maintenance tool, there to assist those already in 5D as a wonderful way to help hold down the fort! Master Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Science and Healing, talks about his "forgetting", how Jesus gave him a window of opportunity to remember, and that he chose it from the Divine Mind. He then extends that same opportunity to each of us! He reminds us of the three spiritual keys that act as the "ticket" Home, and that when we hold this trinity within us, we become the example the rest of the world is in such great need of. Listen intentfully, remember who you are, and change your reality. For the New Year awaits your manifestations!

11 - 30 - 16 - Fortuna's Radiance of Abundance (Available here in the shop)
Wow! In this powerful meditation, Fortuna, the Goddess of Endless Supply, reminds you who you are as a creator. She creates a vibration of truth and love about abundance, and then takes you straight into the nature of abundance so that you may radiate it from the inside out. Simply put, listen to this meditation and feel the essence of truth about abundance, and the secret for attracting it to you so that you may serve your purpose on a deeper level. Fortuna explains grace and the human condition, and how gratitude can deliver to you exactly what it is that you require. Enjoy the love that is present for you.

10 - 31 - 16 - Serapis Bey & The Assembly of Light
 (Available here in the shop)
Get transported NOW! In this almost unimaginable meditational experience, receive an initiation of SELF at the Great Pyramid of Giza. Serapis Bey, chohan of the 4th Ray, and some of his powerfully influential "friends" take you on a journey of historical discovery, deep lineage-based connections, and depth of devotional discipline. Together they bring to you the light (your light) of the Cosmos, activating an underground bridge of truth between these incredible beings and you, and hooking you up directly to the Great Pyramid and the Temple of Karnak, where the Great White/Gold Brotherhood activate your DNA. What a ride!

9 – 28 – 2016 – Lady Nada’s Cadence of Healing (Available here in the shop)
In this incredible experience, Lady Nada takes you on a journey high into the Angelic Realms. There, you work directly with her and Archangel Raphael, as they send healing love and light into your aura, your being and, most specifically, into your Sacred Heart. The energy downloads in this audio meditation is specially attuned to healing, as Lady Nada speaks to us from the Prince of Peace’s (that’s right – Jesus!) ethereal retreat above Saudi Arabia. Allow yourself to feel the transmission of courage as you begin to remember who YOU really ARE.

8 - 14 - 16 - Master Merlin's Crystalline Cave Part 2 (Available here in the shop)
Master Merlin takes you yet again into the safety and security of his abode, The Crystalline Cave. This time, however, he has you escorted by a very special guest! Master El Morya, who once incarnated as King Arthur, Merlin's famous understudy, and leader of Camelot, carefully leads you into a deeply relaxing state inside the walls of the Sacred Chamber. Together, there mission is to remind you why you are here and that you are NEVER alone. What a timely gift!

7 - 8 - 16 - Mary Magdalene's Mystery Of The Grail (Available here in the shop)
Mystery's abound in this incredible audio from Mary Magdalene. Bride of Jesus the Christ, Mary touches on many foundational truths about the Grail, the Second Coming, and the purpose for protection and secrecy. Her demeanor, extremely loving yet direct, has its own message to it that says, "The truth of the Divine Feminine and her message is rebirthing now. This message is planting a seed that she is here, ready to work alongside the rest of humanity to bring forward the light in a balanced and aligned way. To that end, I encourage you now to step forward into ALL that you are, ALL that you were meant to be." Come listen and enjoy the deliverance of the WHOLE you!

5 - 27 - 2016 - Anandamayi Ma's Sweetness of Surrender (Available here in the shop)
And what a master she is! Right from the very instant you hear her soft, measured and intentionally crafted phrases, it becomes clear that Anandamayi Ma is teaching by example. Throughout this incredible deep dive into inner stillness, Ma delivers constant pearls of wisdom, including how surrender leads to manifestation. She talks about how practicing the spiritual teachings of watching your thoughts and self-forgiveness leads to liberation. In addition, Ma talks about how practicing stillness eliminates patterns and brings you home to the creator. Further, she states that your own practice acts as an example for you for future unfoldments on your journey, and how that practice acts as a space-holder for others as an example of the way. SO many gems hidden in this one - hope you brought your scuba gear!

4 - 22 - 2016 - Rakoczy's Trap Door To Freedom (Available here in the shop)
Master Rakoczy sets up the spiritual aspirant's trap door... but wait! It's a "trap" door designed to catch you in your thoughts and free you from them. You see, the negative aspects of the ego mind will run rampant on us until we learn to reign in its wandering ways. In this incredible gem, Master Rakoczy, one of the greatest alchemical teachers in Earth's history, uses a concept known as "reverse anchoring" to provide a positive spin on the elusive game of Happiness the spiritual aspirant tends to play. While dowsing us with mystical elixirs that set the mind at ease, Rakoczy masterfully guides us back to the present moment where all of our potential lies dormant waiting to be called upon once we return from here and there to claim it.

3 - 2 - 2016 - Yogananda's Tabernacle Within (Available here in the shop)
Paramahansa Yogananda reminds us how easy it is to connect to the "Inner Host & Guru" while he cleanses the chakras. Going into and out of his traditional voice, Yogananda takes us on an incredible trip across the seas, over the Indian Ocean and onto the shore in India's Bay of Bengal. He leads us up onto the beach cleansing us with his presence, his voice and, of course, with incredibly subtle yet powerful energy. He then lovingly guides us home as he returns us safely there, all while never saying goodbye.

1 - 20 - 2016 - St. Germain's Mist of Courage (Available here in the shop)
In this enlightening download and activation, Master St Germain (who was many times a human being) blankets you with the love and grace of his alchemical Cosmic Courage. It will carry you, the Spiritual Warrior, beyond any and all trials and tribulations. From his first words, he begins to activate this up-leveled courage within you, all while teaching you how the human body and brain actually detoxify from fear. St Germain calmly reminds us exactly who he is working with and why, so that we may continue to feel safe on our journeys... always.

12 - 18 - 2015 - Jesus' New Jerusalem (Available here in the shop)
Master Jesus visits with his chelas (students) to talk about consciousness, holiday time, and the truth about the "return of the Christ". From Bethlehem, to Nazareth, down the coast to Jerusalem, Master Jesus walked the Holy Land, already knowing the meaning of the "Second Coming" and understanding ALL that time ago what he was preparing us, the human race, for. You do not want to miss this. Happy Holidays!

11 - 10 - 2015 - Mary’s Magic (Available here in the shop)
Mother Mary comes to us through the Cosmos to deliver the E N E R G Y of true magic, and how you use it to manifest your dreams in WE consciousness. She teaches that everything and everyone is connected in the ONE true heart through which magic manifests from the potential of ALL THAT IS. What a blessing.

10 - 12 - 2015 - Babaji’s Bonfire  (Available here in the shop)
Master Babaji, known as the Ageless Sage, brings us on a journey to his home in the Himalayas. Here he leads us into the Cavern of Consciousness within through a beautiful Yagna bonfire experience on a plateau in this mystical mountain range. Allow yourself, now, the opportunity to let go of ALL that no longer serves you into the Fire of Truth. See you on the other side!

9 - 8 - 2015 - Krishna's Hidden Wisdom  (Available here in the shop)
Lord Krishna has come to play with you! In this enlightening audio meditation and channel, Krishna uncovers hidden messages about who he is, who you are, and what he represents for you and our collective rising consciousness. He also brings a message about the children of our planet and how messages reach the human race in the most subtle of ways. Krishna does all this for you while lovingly activating your own Meditation Bow of Truth within. So relax, and enjoy the ride!

8 - 3 - 2015 - Master Merlin's Crystalline Cave  (Available here in the shop)
Master Merlin (Yes the Magical Wizard from Camelot!) takes you on a tour of his Palace, the Crystalline Cave. This incredible opportunity deeply relaxes you so as to activate aspects of your light body deep within your inner crystalline grid from the Master Crystalline Grid. Enjoy!

6 - 30 - 2015 - Sanat Kumara's Core Om  (Available here in the shop)
In this inspirational piece, Sanat Kumara takes you on an incredible journey of possibilities through time and space, and then back to the center (core) of the Earth to ground them in. He uses the vibratory Aum (Om), which contains all of the vibrations of sound, to travel upon. After grounding this in, there is no stopping your potential!

*** NOTE:  3-4 installments of the latest channeled audio meditations will always be available here in the LWB, where they can be listened to by silver members and downloaded by gold members. After such time, prior content will remain available in the Shop here. Gold members, be sure to download them for safe-keeping!