The Lightworker's Bow

  • 11 – 30 – 18 – Hilarion’s Vibration of Being Stillness… that is what this Master-piece brings… Absolute stillness. During this incredible journey with Hilarion, he shows us his mastery by maintaining a resonance of complete neutrality throughout. While allowing yourself to go into a deep trance or sleep, pay close attention to the details in his voice and how he uses it to make his points and deliver to us his message. With his tonal quality, he reminds us of his humanity and what he went through to achieve his current status. Fittingly, he also defines for us how the Masters “support“ us. I suggest listening to this audio as often as possible and as often as needed. Enjoy! LISTEN HERE

Raphael's DreamArchangel Wings

  • Raphael’s Dream – Week of 1/7/19: “Hilarion’s Vibration of Being” Message 4 of 4 I AM Raphael – Healer, Friend, and Soothsayer. Greetings, my masterful friends. I say to you today that you are, indeed, masterful. For just have a look at how far you have come on this incredible journey. The very definition of healing is healing the belief that healing is required, or that all is not perfect as it is. This, of course, does not mean that improvements are not required. No. Instead, it means that areas of opportunities for improvement provide you the grounding needed to improve yourselves in the mirror. You see, so many still believe that healing the world “out there” is required. And it is. But it starts, as you know, ...

Where-the-Stars-Meet-the-SeaTHE MYSTIC'S Message

  • THE MYSTIC’S Message: Week of 1/14/18 – Learning TO BE Learning “TO BE” – The teachings of “to be” are what you are now learning again to re-incorporate. No that was not a mistake in the last sentence. You are learning AGAIN and, as a result, “RE-INCORPORATING”. POINT OF CONTEMPLATION: What is consciousness? You are reincorporating HIGH TRUTHS. You are awakening to the full potential of your light bodies once more… LIGHT bodies, not bodies. You are up-leveling your consciousness – as a being, as a collective, AS a consciousness. What this generically means is that you are learning that everything you thought you knew as a human was an illusion. There is truth in it, but only inasmuch as it applies to the 3rd dimension… ...

Ray RolandoGolden Arrow Blog

  • GAB – ELECTING LOVE November 11, 2016 In the wake of the US Election where the electoral votes went in favor of Donald Trump, I have been told in no uncertain terms that we (as a country, and as a planet) have a choice – to choose love or fear. Below is that message in its wholeness. Please choose to read it FROM the love in which it was sent. It might just shift your heart. So here is a message loud and clear… ” “Hillary” DID win, has triumphed and will continue to win. It could not be more important at ...


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