A new channel from Archangel Haniel, for Adonis' Focused Heart, now available in the The Archangel Wings.

The Lightworker's Bow

  • 1 – 29 – 18 – Adonis’ Focused Heart Abundance in a bottle has arrived! If ever you have needed the positive abundance of the universe delivered to your doorstep for you to create what you want in this world, in service to humanity, this is it. Master Adonis has brought us something so extraordinary in an energetically “Tubular” way, literally and figuratively. This is definitely one for the ages – Enjoy! LISTEN HERE

Haniel's HeavenArchangel Wings

  • Haniel’s Heaven – Week of 2/5/18: “Adonis’ Focused Heart” Message 1/4 I AM Haniel – Queen of the Moon Cycles and Overseer of Emotional Power and Strength. I am the nurturer, peaceful holder of creation potential, and Connectress to the Cosmic Womb of that Energy. Loving protectors of the Earth and Her energies, I say to you, let me hold, protect and nurture you for a time now. You are in such “seemingly” tumultuous times. Today, as I embrace and cradle you, I lovingly urge you to look beyond what you “think” you see. If need-be, lean into me to accomplish this. Let me fill you with the emotional surge of truth you require to see past these illusions you are perceiving. Remember, the duality ...

Where-the-Stars-Meet-the-SeaTHE MYSTIC'S Message

  • THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 2/19/18 MIRACLE OF THE MIRROR – Look around, but do not give in to what you think you have been seeing. Look again… it’s ALL SUCH A MIRACLE… and you NEED to begin seeing it ALL that way. Pick and choose, and suffer. Accept it all, and observe with love and it all BECOMES the love that is awakening you to the FULL truth of who you are and why you are here. Please hear us now… there is simply ZERO reason to think you have been lost, forgotten or abandoned unless you are feeling that way because you have abandoned your connection to love. This occurs when you believe you see fear ...

Ray RolandoGolden Arrow Blog

  • GAB – ELECTING LOVE November 11, 2016 In the wake of the US Election where the electoral votes went in favor of Donald Trump, I have been told in no uncertain terms that we (as a country, and as a planet) have a choice – to choose love or fear. Below is that message in its wholeness. Please choose to read it FROM the love in which it was sent. It might just shift your heart. So here is a message loud and clear… ” “Hillary” DID win, has triumphed and will continue to win. It could not be more important at ...


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