The Lightworker's Bow

  • 9 – 25 – 19 – The Golden Fire: Part 4 – Back Through The Looking Glass Time to see who you really are. Back Through The Looking Glass is wonderful for bringing inner peace, stillness, and serenity. It works well to neutralize anxiety, stress, fear, or depression-type energy, and overall blood pressure. During this incredible journey, you are asked to step across the threshold of belief to have an experience that will leave you positively changed forever. This meditation connects you to the Light of God, the Creator, or Source Energy to show you just how vast YOU, and God’s love for you, are. LISTEN HERE

Jeremiel's JourneyArchangel Wings

  • Jeremiel’s Journey – Week of 11/9/19: “The Golden Fire Part 4: Back Through The Looking Glass” Message 3 of 4 I AM Jeremiel – Keeper of the path, your path, and ever awakening you to the truth that God is everything and everyone. My fellow desirers of awakened Global consciousness… take a deep, relaxing, easeful breath now. With the ever-loving aid of Archangel Raphael, I, Jeremiel, am here to soothe you and your journey. Take another deep, soothing, and cleansing breath. On this breath, remember, too, that you are human but for a time. As I see to your energetic wounds, notice the timbre of my rhythmic message to you. For it is with intention that I am speaking in the “Old English” cadence. This informs the brain that something the ego is ...

Where-the-Stars-Meet-the-SeaTHE MYSTIC'S Message

  • THE MYSTIC’S Message: Weeks of 11/11/19 – Art of Self-Mastery ART OF SELF-MASTERY – Wayshowers, the time is nigh. You needn’t look beyond “the mirror” to annihilate your fears. Friends, there is much ado about nothing of late. But your “much ado” is creating “much of something” from the nothing. It is time to look beyond appearances and remember you are staring at illusion, except when you are looking through the eyes of love. Are you looking on with love? Or are you “in” fear? The greatest teaching is that the world is your mirror. But if you are not applying this teaching when given the chance, it is as if you are hunting to save your family from starvation and choosing not ...

Ray RolandoGolden Arrow Blog

  • GAB – The Power to Conjure May 2, 2019 On the heels of so many asking the question, “Why does so much strife exist in the world?”, and why they suffer while asking this question, I thought I’d share some insights I’ve been given. Anyone who has been following this work at all knows that I have been saying for years that we have the power to create our reality, In fact, I have learned that our thoughts are the very thing that create it, and I have seen time and again where this is true in my own life and experience of it. After all, what is the purpose of being here if not to experience, right? Well, I recently had ...


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Upcoming Events

  • The Inner Harvest
    November 22, 2019 2:00 pm - November 24, 2019 12:00 pm

    The Inner Harvest

    Starts: 2pm Friday, Nov 22nd
    Ends: Approximately 3pm Sunday, Nov 24th
    Where: Franklin, NY - Western Catskill Mountains

    The harvest is the period when you reap what you sow. To physically harvest something is to pick or gather what you have sown.

    This unique weekend retreat, The Inner Harvest, invites you to cultivate inner peace and balance through a cornucopia of offerings presented to you during these 3 powerful days. Sit at the table of thanksgiving, within a "cavern of gratitude" in the Catskill Mountain Range - a deeply reflective, private space that will be created for the group so that each attendee can sow the seeds of their future. Amidst this incredible experience, you will be intuitively led to connect to your innate passion and purpose. You will reassign that which is perceived to block or inhibit, thereby redirecting your energy to create the harvest of your dreams.