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  • 6 – 3 – 19 – The Golden Fire: Part 2 – Infusion of Light Journey to the Moment BEFORE Creation! For the perfect infusion of love and upliftment, this incredible injection of light is precisely the shot in the arm required to remember who YOU Are! When in doubt, pick this audio up and listen. Feel into its passion as you recall the truths beyond 3D all whilst traveling once more to the Cosmos and Beyond, and past the stars and planets to the moment just before… you! Ease and relax more deeply as you become more and comfortable with just how BIG YOU ARE! LISTEN HERE

Gabriel's CallArchangel Wings

  • Gabriel’s Call – Week of 7/8/19: “The Golden Fire Part 2: Infusion of Light” Message 3 of 4 I AM Gabriel – Messenger of light, seer and deliverer of truth. Greetings, friends and wayshowers, beacons of love, light and truth. Today I commune with you to bring an expanded awareness around my earlier communications to you that YOU have created us, the Archangelic and Angelic realms. To do so, I would like to speak with you on two subjects. Firstly, there was a song on your dimension in the year 1,985. Sung for a project, called USA For Africa, the song was called, We Are The World. In its opening lyrics, a prophet and soothsayer by the name of Michael Jackson, who co-wrote the song with Lionel Richie, started with: There comes a time ...

Where-the-Stars-Meet-the-SeaTHE MYSTIC'S Message

  • THE MYSTIC’S Message: Week of 7/22/19 – Climbing The Mountains of Consciousness CLIMBING THE MOUNTAINS OF CONSCIOUSNESS –  Friends, it is time to climb the mountains of consciousness within. It is time to experience the heights of who you are by becoming able to navigate the absence of attachment – to outcomes, to the material and, specifically, to projection. Yes, attachment to projection – yours and others’. It is absolutely incumbent upon you now to cease taking anything and everything personally. What others experience is NOT about you, or even FOR you, unless you make it so. But we can tell you with absolution that when you continue to allow those distractions, you prevent the windows of conscious opportunity from coming sooner for you, though ...

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  • GAB – The Power to Conjure May 2, 2019 On the heels of so many asking the question, “Why does so much strife exist in the world?”, and why they suffer while asking this question, I thought I’d share some insights I’ve been given. Anyone who has been following this work at all knows that I have been saying for years that we have the power to create our reality, In fact, I have learned that our thoughts are the very thing that create it, and I have seen time and again where this is true in my own life and experience of it. After all, what is the purpose of being here if not to experience, right? Well, I recently had ...


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