A new channel from Archangel Jeremiel, for Michael's Den of Truth, is in the Archangel Wings.

Archangel Michael- Den of TruthThe Lightworker's Bow

  • 5 – 15 – 18 – Archangel Michael’s Den of Truth This powerfully unprecedented meditation from Archangel Michael cleanses the mind, and brings BALANCE to your WHOLE being – emotional, physical, and mental. In it, Michael unveils powerful truths about the birth of peace, planting deep seeds for humanity about how to attain it. In this audio channel, the listener is brought back to the “beginning” to reset, observe from another angle, and begin to create from your truth, rather than others’. Setting us up for what could be a series of channels, Michael lays an incredible foundation that mixes just enough mystery with masterful amounts of love and truth. Ready, set, receive! LISTEN HERE

Jeremiel's JourneyArchangel Wings

  • Jeremiel’s Journey – Week of 7/16/18: “Michael’s Den of Truth” Message 4 of 4 I AM Jeremiel – Keeper of the path, your path, and ever awakening you to the truth that God is everything and everyone. Greetings, all. Today I bring tidings of expansion. Yes, expansion. Though much is unsettled in the world of late, it is all about potential. Where you put your focus now is of absolute importance. What you choose to see is up to you, though many struggle with this at times. For example, where some see poverty, others may choose to see lack of attachment to the material. Where some see tragedy, others may see the perfect unfoldment of karmic destinies. What you see is ALL up to you. And… what you ...

Where-the-Stars-Meet-the-SeaTHE MYSTIC'S Message

  • THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/16/18 FOCUS IS EVERYTHING – When you choose to observe, and we mean really observe – without prejudice – the Universe opens to you in ways you perhaps once thought not possible. We would like to show you what observance looks like, and how it equates to presence, rather than drama. Recently, events in your world brought heightened attention to Thailand where 12 young boys, aged 11-16, were trapped in a cave approximately half to three-quarters of a mile underground. They were trapped by water due to a sudden rain storm that occurred quite suddenly during Thailand’s rainy season. These boys were led by their junior soccer coach for a team-building exercise. They did ...

Ray RolandoGolden Arrow Blog

  • GAB – ELECTING LOVE November 11, 2016 In the wake of the US Election where the electoral votes went in favor of Donald Trump, I have been told in no uncertain terms that we (as a country, and as a planet) have a choice – to choose love or fear. Below is that message in its wholeness. Please choose to read it FROM the love in which it was sent. It might just shift your heart. So here is a message loud and clear… ” “Hillary” DID win, has triumphed and will continue to win. It could not be more important at ...


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