The Lightworker's Bow

  • 4 – 3 – 19 – The Golden Fire: Part 1 – The Blacksmith Journey to Creation! In this incredible experience, you get to relax while a beautiful ray of Golden Light beams you to Source. Travel to the Cosmos, Beyond, and back past the stars and planets! All the while, as you ease and relax deeper into your being, you are enveloped in the Light of Peace and Truth that devours and removes all untruth and blocks. In this unique unfoldment, you meet the Creator Energy – what a gift! LISTEN HERE

Michael's MajestyArchangel Wings

  • Michael’s Majesty – Week of 5/20/19: “The Golden Fire Part 1: The Blacksmith” Message 4 of 4 I AM Michael – Seer and Preserver of Truth. Friends, hold onto your hats. For this is just the beginning. I am here to FULLY support you and your awakening journey. In it, I am aware that Gabriel has recently brought to you some potent news about your reality and your re-discovery of YOU, and your awakening to it. But, again, I Michael, The Protector, am here… with you… for the entire journey. Easy now. B    R   E   A   T   H   E    .   .   . This series, The Golden Fire, began with a meeting – one with The Blacksmith. When this happens, you are shown your creation all over again so that you may choose to ...

Where-the-Stars-Meet-the-SeaTHE MYSTIC'S Message

  • THE MYSTIC’S Message: Week of 5/20/19 – Layers of Illusion LAYERS OF ILLUSION –  Friends, worry not. Layers of illusion are unraveling before your eyes. But there is a beautiful and poetic duality in the experience of the unraveling. While you begin to see things more as they are, rather than as you are, which is beautiful, you are also going through detoxification. You are detoxing from what you “thought things were” BECAUSE they were projected from a version of you that was IN the illusion. So, as you detox and step out of the illusory world, you are FINALLY SEEING IT all at once… YOUR NEW WORLD. And it could very well be the first time you are seeing with true sight. ...

Ray RolandoGolden Arrow Blog

  • GAB – The Power to Conjure May 2, 2019 On the heels of so many asking the question, “Why does so much strife exist in the world?”, and why they suffer while asking this question, I thought I’d share some insights I’ve been given. Anyone who has been following this work at all knows that I have been saying for years that we have the power to create our reality, In fact, I have learned that our thoughts are the very thing that create it, and I have seen time and again where this is true in my own life and experience of it. After all, what is the purpose of being here if not to experience, right? Well, I recently had ...


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