The Halls of Healing

While the Lightworker's Bow in the Members section presents activated meditations from the Masters to awaken higher truths and perspectives for you on your journey, the Halls of Healing offer wisdom, guidance, and healing as a continued support mechanism that you can come back to regularly.

In the Halls of Healing, you will find the very popular weekly Mystic's Message available to all site visitors, which is written from the collective consciousness of the Masters. In addition, in the Members section, you will find the Archangel Wings, which will contain a new Archangel Channel weekly from one of the four Archangels currently working on's endeavors. Each Archangel has a wing, or corridor, and they are: Gabriel's Call, Raphael's Dream, Jeremiel's Journey, and Michael's Majesty. There, they will offer deeper meaning and, perhaps, hidden messages or perspectives on the monthly activated Master channels.