The BIG Board Game

The world is your board game. Learn how it is played, play it well with love, and enjoy the ride and the experience.

THE MYSTIC’S Message: Week of 3/18/19 – Authentically You

AUTHENTICALLY YOU -  Wayshowers, greetings. We come with a message today that it is time for you to be absolutely and unapologetically you. We are asking you to dive deeply into you - the unique, incredible expression of the Divine's love that is ONLY you. Feel us speaking to you ...

THE MYSTIC’S Message: Week of 2/25/19 – Elevate To Love

ELEVATE TO LOVE - Cherished one, if you believe you are stuck, or not exactly where you are supposed to be, it is time to elevate your spirit to love. You might ask how exactly to do this. Our response is quite simple. You need to have a 

THE MYSTIC 365 – Devastation

True devastation only occurs when you choose to focus on only the tragedy. Choose to see the light, and experience the love that still has you here. ~ THE MYSTIC