THE MYSTIC’S Message: Week of 4/22/19 – What Shift Looks Like

WHAT SHIFT LOOKS LIKE -  Friends, much transformation is upon you. But do not be confused about just what "transformation" means. In any alchemical process, where one thing turns into another, there is quite a deliberateshift from one form (matter, liquid, or gas) to another. As you are made up ...


Your true calling is to once again merge with and become the Creator through service.

THE MYSTIC’S Message: Week of 3/25/19 – Re-Invention

RE-INVENTION -  Good tidings, all. Today we come with a VERY simple, yet VERY powerful lesson. It starts with the idea of re-invention, or re-inventing yourself. Perhaps you already are feeling the transmission. We believe you are, in fact, feeling it but may not logistically understand it yet, so let ...

THE MYSTIC 365 – Importance of Retreat

You are a unique expression of God. Therefore, the importance of retreat into your being is that it unfolds the truth of God to you as the unique expression of the Creator. ~ THE MYSTIC

THE MYSTIC 365 – Theme Park

If you think of life as a theme park, you realize that there are some rides you love, and some you would not repeat. But the entire experience was worth having, AND you are the proprietor and creator of the theme park. ~ THE MYSTIC