Pillars of Peace

The Pillars of Peace Site Membership offers unique and unprecedented access to Universal truths with teachings that act as keys to the Cosmic Vault. Hidden inside is a world of vibrant colors to be used on your great canvas to paint the world you desire now as a Conscious Creator!

Through the activated Pillars of Peace member areas on this site, The Lightworker's Bow™ & the Archangel Wings, as well as the "Channeled Coaching Q&A Forum" for Platinum Members, there are many portals of opportunity to connect to your SELF and higher consciousness.

In The Lightworker's Bow™, the Ascended Masters provide powerful meditations that activate Cosmic truth on a cellular human level to bring more love, truth, joy and peace into your life. In the Archangel Wings, a new, consecutively written Archangel channel will appear in a 4-part series, and will come from one of 5 Archangels: Michael, Raphael, Jeremiel, Gabriel, or Haniel. Each channel provided will be specifically designed to support the Master activations in the audios and bring forth loving guidance, support and wisdom, helping to spark and direct your internal compass.

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