Personal Elevations Application Form


Thank you so much for your interest in applying to work with me one-on-one. This is an exciting step you are taking in your life!

A Personal Elevation Mentoring relationship is an intimate one. It will be deeply immersive, powerfully shifting and life-changing, but it can be intense at time and, is therefore, not for everyone.

That said, if you still feel this IS for you, given that I work so closely with clients on these programs, knowing in advance a little bit about what brings you to me and what you are expecting to achieve through Personally Elevating your life greatly helps the process along.

Therefore, I have put together some questions below that help me to ensure that I am only approving people for this program who are truly ready for what this work entails and provides, and that these individuals are far enough along in their personal journey so they have the best opportunity to receive the full benefit of this work.

Your answers to the following questions will allow me to better serve you. Please answer them to the best of your ability and I hope to talk to you soon!

    NOTE: ALL Fields are required:

    Are you ready to begin taking full control in, and responsibility for, your life to manifest the reality you desire and deserve?

    Will your 6 month commitment to this program place an undue financial burden on you or your family?

    Are you ready to begin immediately?