Michael’s Majesty – Infusion of Light Message 2 of 4

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Archangel Michael

I AM Michael - Seer and Preserver of Truth.

Chariots of light and truth... I bid you good tidings, AND I bring to you a message on this day, that it is time to dig your heels deeply into your full knowing without understanding.

You see, you do know, even though your mind does not always compute the math. The heart has you digging deeper and deeper. But the energy on the planet of late has been difficult to say the least. But that does not make this a time to resort to old patterns, beliefs and ways of being. Instead, this is a time to be resolute of heart.

In fact, you have been gifted the grace to have knowing hearts, compasses of truth, in this endeavor of a lifetime. You agreed to come here once more, so long as your "clear knowing" would remain intact. So I now remind you of this truth. Therefore, I encourage you to grasp deeply your knowing heart, and the rest WILL be shown to you.

At this time, you are traveling through a major eclipse passage. An eclipse passage is a tremendous opportunity to grab hold of potential... in your case, human potential. An eclipse is actually an opportune time of deep reflection, so you can come out the other side of an energetic wormhole victorious. So during this period, it is incumbent upon you to invite in the light, AND allow it to push whatever is needed to be looked at to the surface for viewing.

The trick of this is NOT giving into the fear that these things will annihilate you. Quite the contrary actually! These are the very things that will liberate you. These things are attempting to come to the surface SO that you may move forward from them finally. In fact, you may not even have know that these subconscious things have been running your whole show from "behind the scenes". Yet, you signed up this lifetime for the VIP pass... a behind the scenes look at what creates the actual movie that makes it to your silver screen for you to "enjoy". Ha ha!

Kidding aside, I cannot emphasize enough how TRUE the metaphor above is. So much is it so, actually, that it is NOT a metaphor. Instead, your movie cinemas are the metaphor. Your movies are distractions (entertainment you believe) from your lives. In fact, you go there to interrupt the patterns of everyday life. You disrupt the "movie of life" by going to a movie.

What you do not realize is that the "projector", the "film", the "sound", the "script", and the "screen" are ALL metaphors for how you create your life and project it onto the screen in front of you. During an eclipse passage, you have an incredible opportunity to see what "film" you are deciding to take out of the "canisters", to place on the "projector" in front of you, and "view on the silver screen". Silver represents the mirror.

Connect into this a moment. Silver offers an opportunity for you to see a reflection, like a lake. Silver is also where "others" see their reflection. Often times, healers, intuitives, and more awakened individuals have silver in their aura so that others may "see" themselves, possibly for the first time... and... well... they may not always like what they see. But it is not "you". They are seeing "them". And they project at what they do not understand. This is for your good and theirs.

This type of behavior keeps everyone safe. It keeps them "away" until they are ready to awaken. It keeps you "away" FROM them so that you may continue to. But there comes a point where you need to accept this truth so deeply that you can no longer be rocked from this truthful foundation, so that you may move forward, without attachment but rather with compassionate detachment... for them.. and for you.

An eclipse passage like the one you are currently in provides SUCH an opportunity for an Infusion of Light from The Golden Fire. However, you must be willing to accept the transmission. If you do, it will at times push out the things that are still weighing you down. You see, light is actually heavier than the dark. It must be in order that the light take hold in your human cells deep within your DNA to awaken it to higher truth.

Like cold air, the light of truth forces the dark to the surface to be "enlightened". Yet, the receiver (you) must accept this transmission as truth, before you accept anymore transmissions on this "channel".

I say to you today that you must be willing to take this next step. So now I ask you, "Are you still willing?" If not, I can assure you that you will not be able to withstand the coming 3 months. The next 90 days are crucial to the planet's evolution, including Her inhabitants, especially her awakened warriors, so that they may fulfill their individual destinies into the higher frequencies and vibrations of Cosmic Love that are finally making their way to Earth.

As I close this message to you, please these 2 pieces of information close at heart: 1) when individuals fulfill their destinies, so does Earth and vice-versa and 2) the only thing that ever blocked these cosmic rays of higher frequency from reaching you on the planet was your resistance to them caused by getting too immaterially caught up in material things.

Lucky for you that I love you, I love your planet, and I was created and sustained to ensure your full infusion of light, as well as Mother Earth's. Loving you always and forever...

I AM Michael - Seer and Preserver of Truth.

~ Archangel Michael

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