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Per Month
  • The Lightworker's Bow™
  • Streaming Audio
  • Archangel Wings
  • Downloadable Archangel PDF channels



Per Month
  • The Lightworker's Bow™
  • Downloadable Audio
  • Archangel Wings
  • Downloadable Archangel PDF channels
  • THE MYSTIC'S Message™ Archive
  • Participate in Comments
  • Direct Guidance through Ray from The Higher Dimensions!

    A Q&A Forum where Ray channels direct insights from the Archangelic & Master realms to answer your personal questions

The Pillars of Peace

The Pillars of Peace Site Membership offers unique and unprecedented access to Universal truths with teachings that act as keys to the Cosmic Vault. Hidden inside is a world of vibrant colors to be used on your great canvas to paint the world you desire now as a Conscious Creator!

The Power of The Pillars of Peace Continued

The lightworker's Bow

Channeled Audio Activation from the Ascended Masters:

  • The ascension energies provided by the Ascended Masters through these activated audio meditations are intended to help further awaken the soul's blueprint, or purpose, at a cellular human (DNA) level
  • In these powerful installments, the Masters will channel direct messages to up-level your consciousness, or take you on journeys of guided imagery, or both. Their ultimate goal is to utilize the vibration of these audios to bring the receiver into a state of deep meditation.
  • Click for The Lightworker's Bow in Detail

The Halls of Healing

The Halls of Healing contains two very helpful corridors:

  • The Archangel Wings will contain 4 consecutive written, activated channels from one of five Archangels (more here):
    • Each new message provided will be in support of the current LightWorker's Bow activation  from the Ascended Masters
    • These activated channels are intended to help integrate the audio activations on a week to week basis until the next audio
  • In addition, The Mystic's Message Archive is searchable by key words for Gold members

Channeled Coaching Q&A

This forum allows Ray to be your personal channel & guide. Platinum members are able to ask questions, receive direct responses, and see and interact in community discussion. Ray channels Archangelic and Master realm energies to provide you with their insights and wisdoms.

More On The Coaching Forum


While the most current, weekly Mystic's Message will remain free to all visitors, the archive of prior week's messages, available to Gold & Platinum members, is filled with a plethora of knowledge on various subject matters.

The Mystic's Message as described to Ray by Source in 2009:

"THE MYSTIC is not a man, or even a person for that matter. THE MYSTIC is a collective singular consciousness of plurality. Much like the basketball team, The Orlando Magic, THE MYSTIC is a TEAM where the whole is equal to the sum of the parts; and you are each part of the GRAND PUZZLE of this reality.

The concept of THE MYSTIC lies at the fundamental nature of existence – that we, this race, are all universally a collective ONE and that, while the Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Isis, Krishna, Buddha, and the like did exist, when we truly listen, THEY speak as the ONE collective voice that leads each of us toward HOME or enlightenment. And so, Ray, you bring this TRUTH through your channels to each and every person who is ready and willing to listen to them."

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