Intuitive Readings


For most of his life, Ray Rolando has been offering personal, intuitive readings that offer insights, clarities, and opportunities for forward progress.  For nearly a decade, he has created and honed several different methods by which he can deliver otherwise esoteric data in a loving and meaningful way that provides his clients with answers, perspective, and optimism.

By confidently acting on intuitive cues and guidance, Ray allows spirit to move him while listening, and then gently delves into one's Energy to assist clients in several areas as needed.  Some of these include health and overall well-being, relationships, career, emotional cord cutting from past traumas to live freely and happily, and clear guidance on present challenges that may have presented themselves.

Ray also works with the Energy of lost loved ones to reconnect the client and reaffirm for them that our loved ones never truly leave us.

Ray does his reading work in person, over the phone, and through Skype as needed.

Written/Absentee Readings

In addition, absentee readings* can be done.  During an absentee reading, the client is not present, but requests that a reading be performed as it would have been.  Ray calls in their Energy body, performs the reading, records it, and sends written documentation or an audio recording of the reading.

*For absentee readings, both written and audio recorded formats can be provided for an additional fee.  In addition, audio recordings are available for any reading at an additional cost.

Please ask for further details.

Group Events

Group Event Readings are also available. General guidelines for group events are as follows:

- Each individual will be read for approximately 30 minutes at an exchange of $125
- Individuals may choose 45 minutes at an exchange of $175, or a full hour reading at $200
- Minimum of 3 booked hours, or 4 half hour readings, is required
- Travel time is not included in cost of reading and is determined per below disclaimer**
- Group events are non-refundable
- A $100 deposit is required at least 5 business days prior to event

Please contact us with specific details of your event for specific pricing or further questions.

**Travel time is charged at $45 per 60 minutes of travel and is determined for the entire event, NOT per person.  Therefore, the total cost can be split amongst all participants.  Travel time is defined as including the reader's time to travel to and from the event, as well as travel expenses (gas, tolls, & vehicle usage).