Individual Transformational Experiences

During your private, one-on-one or group mini-journeys into yourself and your relationships, you will know that Ray is acting as your guide along your path of self-discovery (or re-discovery, as we like to say)!  Utilizing his natural gifts of Intuition, Energy Healing, & Channeling in concert with the wisdom of his studies in Coaching, and various certifications in Healing and NLP, Ray is literally capable of helping you to move blocked energy in a moment’s notice to help you transform – yes, even over the phone!

Whether you choose an individual, couple, or group session, during these 1 hour journeys as he likes to call them, Ray whisks you away into a magical, energetic bubble of love and protection, where getting to the root is simple, painless, and simply transformative. Working for many years at his craft, Ray has learned and developed tools that can have powerful, life-changing effects in just a single, one-hour session.  For those possibly looking for more in-depth energetic, spiritual, or life-changing focused work, please be sure to view our Transformational Journeys page!

Individual Session

Ray works one-on-one with individuals during 1 hour, private appointments that can simply transform lives.


Couples Session

Ray works directly with couples during private, 1 hour appointments that can have profoundly positive effects on the relationship now and in the future.

Group Session

Transformational Coaching is also available for groups. Please contact us for more information.