Haniel’s Heaven – Infusion of Light Message 1 of 4

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Haniel's HeavenI AM Haniel - Queen of the Moon Cycles and Overseer of Emotional Power and Strength. I am the nurturer, peaceful holder of creation potential, and Connectress to the Cosmic Womb of that Energy.

Friends... Pillars of infused light-body in a human vessel, I come to you today with messages of triumph, and encouragement, and a salute to your courage.

As the one who guides the conscious nurturing of your planet Earth, and as I oversee the moon cycles that help to reflect to you humanity's consciousness, it is incumbent upon me to ensure that I teach you how important it is to master your emotions and your reactions so that they become conscious responses in a world that so desperately needs them. You are at the pinnacle of opportunities to create the world that you want now by consciously choosing to respond rather than react as often as you can.

In so doing, you follow a new neural network that allows a broader depth, a tangible depth, inside the human vessel in which an infusion of light can occur. This is both for your awakening, your enlightenment... but mostly it is for your remembering... you are not the body. You were never the body. You are renting the body from Mother Earth who, too, is infusing you with her love and light every step that you take.

Though she loves you, she does get frustrated and needs your conscious attention and refinement now. She requires that you consciously love her 1/10 of one percent of how she does so for you. Make walking a meditation. Make loving a meditation. Make child rearing a meditation. Most of all, make all of them offerings... offerings to Mother Earth in her infinite beauty that connects Her DNA as a planet to the galaxy in which she exists, to the Cosmos in which it exists.

Your meditations and offerings of conscious support back to the planet will not only infuse you with light, but that infusion of light will open a column within your spine that will have your magnetic sphere of influence, otherwise known as the aura, emanating light out from your being at the new higher frequencies thereby impacting all of humanity.

You have to remember now, that every conscious response  you choose affects literally thousands of people. When you are infused with the light of truth, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish, there is nothing that is impossible, and everything becomes opportunity. We are infusing the planet now with rays of energy calibrated to 3645 Hz - the Golden Age of Love. The love frequency is one in which your world looks much like it does now, where everyone is just less attached to people, things, and situations.

Every decision you make to step more fully into a response state, rather than a reactive state, helps the planet in Her ascension, and helps the Cosmos in completing its blueprint for all races in all galaxies and all universes everywhere. Think "We"... We Consciousness... that is where the Infusion of Light will take you should you allow it.

There is so much here for you in this message. We suggest you go and read it multiple times, and listen to the corresponding meditation multiple times. Nurturing you as always... Archangel Haniel.

I AM Haniel - Queen of the Moon Cycles and Overseer of Emotional Power and Strength.

~ Archangel Haniel

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