Welcome to a powerful, joint venture from the Archangels & Ascended Masters, called the Golden Arrow Healing (GAH)™.


The symbolism of the Golden Arrow has been alive in man’s consciousness for millennia, yet perhaps not fully understood. Found in temples, scrolls, and sacred texts throughout history, these powerful symbols are nothing short of extraordinary. The Golden Arrow includes the alchemical energies and lightning downloads (or arrows) of spiritual initiation (gold) and release, fired by the Ascended Masters to awaken consciousness and facilitate healing. They are then guided where needed by the focused intention and loving marksmanship of the Archangels, hence the mystical mark of the "Golden Arrow”. 

How does it work?

A Golden Arrow Healing (GAH)™ is delivered in what feels like a traditional coaching backdrop, while the recipient is seated in a dialogue-based setting. Yet, a rare and unique energy is present that is an extraordinary and powerful blend of transcendental, channeled guidance and coaching from the Archangels and Ascended Masters that works on the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and ethereal energy bodies. When needed, these powerful beings may also guide the session with precise, hands-on, applied energy healing in concert with the guidance that is coming forward for the recipient.

A Golden Arrow session is an Archangelic cord cutting and energy healing, carrying with it deep trauma cleansing for specific issues as needed. It is also wonderful for calming and cleansing the aura, thereby soothing anyone called to receive it. Once the clearing occurs, the recipient receives energetic downloads from the Archangels and Masters, all while seated in a coaching room, or lying comfortably on a massage table.

Guided by the specific intention of the recipient, and always facilitated by a specific Archangel and Ascended Master, Golden Arrow Healings are then directed in our dimensional time by gifted healer, intuitive and teacher, Ray Rolando. The energy and exactness of the GAH's™ are capable of seeking out, penetrating, and neutralizing any disturbance or trauma in the energetic fields. Whether the recipient is near or far, these transformative, energetic overhauls subtly penetrate the aura, granting immediate access to higher states of awareness and deep inner healing at the speed of light.  

These healings provide the proverbial “shot in the arm” that is sometimes required either when deep patterns are created from past traumatic wounds in this lifetime or others that we carry with us, or when the spiritual aspirant feels stuck on their journey and requires clarity. They often provide immediate relief accompanied by a sense of nurturing and upliftment. Recipients often report clearly feeling as though a weight has been lifted, leaving a clear horizon. The process is extremely nurturing, leaving the client with a sense of ease and calm.

NOTE: Golden Arrow energy can be experienced in group workshop settings, called Golden Arrow Workshops, or in personal one-on-one settings (Golden Arrow Healing). Individual Exchange and information for GAH's is below. For more information or questions, please contact 

Requests for Appointments & Exchange

GAH's are by appointment only.
Sessions last approximately 45-60 minutes and the exchange is $300.

Optional - Symphony of Angels Energetics™

Once the GAH is complete, while the recipient continues to sit or lie comfortably, they can also choose to receive the additional healing energies of the Angelic and Archangelic Realms through a personalized, guided meditation with them. This will assist in additionally soothing the human energy field, while sealing in the energies of the Golden Arrow Healing.

Ray will call in channeled meditational energetics for you to be surrounded by a Symphony of Angels. For 15-20 additional minutes, you will be led through a specific Angelically channeled meditation that calls in a league of angels to support you and bathe you (and all those involved) in light, as the Song of Heaven healing energy is received while gentle music plays in the background.

Exchange: $50

NOTE: These sessions can occur in person, or they can be received remotely from wherever you may be. Remote sessions require initial request for consultation with Ray prior to scheduling an appointment.