Golden Arrow Application Form


Thank you so much for your interest in applying for a Golden Arrow Healing with me. This is a powerful step toward healing the wounded past that you are taking in your life!

A Golden Arrow Healing (GAH)™ session is an energetic cord cutting and energy healing, carrying with it deep trauma cleansing for specific issues as needed. It is also wonderful for calming and cleansing the aura, thereby soothing anyone called to receive it. Once the clearing occurs, the recipient receives waves of loving, energetic downloads.

A Golden Arrow Healing is a very powerful one. It will be shifting and life-changing for sure! It can also be intense at times (before, during, and after) and, is therefore, not for everyone straight away.

Having said this, if you still feel this IS for you, given that I work one-on-one with potential clients for these healings, and that only I can currently facilitate them, I have put together some questions below to help me understand you and your process a little bit better, which will also help me to know intuitively if the applicant is ready for this life alteration.

Therefore, your answers to the following questions will allow me to better serve you. Please answer them to the best of your ability and I hope to talk to you soon!

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