GAB – The Power to Conjure

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On the heels of so many asking the question, "Why does so much strife exist in the world?", and why they suffer while asking this question, I thought I'd share some insights I've been given.

Anyone who has been following this work at all knows that I have been saying for years that we have the power to create our reality, In fact, I have learned that our thoughts are the very thing that create it, and I have seen time and again where this is true in my own life and experience of it. After all, what is the purpose of being here if not to experience, right?

Well, I recently had some powerful information shared with me in my meditations about the mind, suffering, and seeing through the illusion, that I thought could be helpful in these seemingly tough times. So here is what I received:

To create a new reality, first you need to understand AND accept that you literally HAVE the power to manifest (conjure) and demanifest at will. Then, you need to understand devotion. Once you make a decision to create something new, you must remain devoted to it. This requires discipline. So long as you are devoted to your choice, or your conjuring, this is when the devotion becomes the gravitational force that holds the conjuring in place. This is why people are grounded in suffering… they are devoted to it.

If someone is devoted to an “older way of doing things” that causes suffering, chances are they have a relationship with that method, process or formula. If they want to change it, they simply need to change their devotional energies with consistency to what they actually want. This is a process of the mind and heart working together that eventually changes the magnetism of the heart to attract truth, rather than illusion.

So in the spirit of creating a positive new reality for YOURSELF, I hope this has been helpful. It is a powerful mantra and can be used for literally anything and everything. You are much more powerful than you realize. Use it correctly, and manifest away in the direction of your heart. I'm sure there is more to come on this topic as folks continue to ask, so stay tuned.

Ever Awakening, Always LOVE ~



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