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GoldenArrowSo I was recently asked an incredible question by a site member about Archangel Michael's most recent transmission to me about the Shield of Courage that he has given humanity. The channel talked about the GREAT SHIFT that is upon us on the Earth at this time.  The energy behind this member's reply was so palpable, that I am re-posting here with a complete response for ALL visitors to this site. Here was their question about Michael having alluded to the "greatest consciousness shift in recorded history":

The “greatest consciousness shift in recorded history”. This has to do with the shift from East to West that started on December 21st 2011, correct? So is it the shifting that is so significant? OR is this shift in consciousness going to be more profound(bigger, greater, more awareness) in the west than it was in the East? I guess what I mean is, will more people be affected now?

Here is my full response. The intention is to help us all shift more from victim to the empowered creators that we truly are...

First, the consciousness shift the reader is referring to had to do with December 21st, 2012. At 3pm on that day, the planets aligned in a way that has not occurred in 26,000 years. And MAJOR shifts occur every 26,000 years. Things like the Mayan culture, and the Lost City of Atlantis disappeared on a 26,000 year cycle, dating all the way back to cataclysmic events that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. When the planets align just so, things like high intensity solar flares and magnetic shifts occur at rapid frequencies, and are highly charged. They occur TO the planet and within it.

Yes, this leads to the likes of the GREAT shifts we see in Eastern and Western cultures. As far as hemispheres are concerned, you have Yoga becoming ever popular (seemingly "all of a sudden") in the West, and you have more millionaires, materialism, and high-rises in India than in any other place on the planet.  But you also have something else VERY interesting happening.

Many people from ALL walks of life are "waking up" to higher truths about the reasons(s) we're all here. They're diving deep, and seeking out people who can help them with the SCUBA gear. Conversations about what used to seem, or was even labeled as, esoteric are becoming more mainstream. An overwhelming acceptance is FINALLY occurring; and it's not just something that is subtly felt. You can actually see it in people. You can even take a look at some of the TV shows that have become so popular in recent years, subtly telling people that the shift is on through mainstream media. Programs like the Ghost Whisperer, Medium, Long Island Medium and many others are channeling higher frequency messages to the public as a whole. People with those gifts are becoming more talked about and accepted as servants.  And while this isn't new given that movies like Star Wars have been talking about "the Force" (or consciousness) for three decades, mainstream discussions about focused consciousness and quantum physics have birthed books like "The Secret" and the "The Law of Attraction", etc. For some it may appear to be a fad. But it is not. The GREAT Shift is on.

In addition, have you noticed people dropping off the planet in large numbers recently. This is part of the shift. Those that are ready, are searching for SCUBA instructors. Those that are not, or who have helped fulfill these prophecies and are ready to return HOME, are leaving in large clips. This is NOT a coincidence.

So to answer the question the reader posed bluntly, "Yes, more people are definitely being affected now... and in many different ways. Those who subscribe to truths like the ones you are reading and learning about here are on the forefront of that shift. They had been feeling and seeing subtleties shifting for years. Now we are feeling and seeing so much more.. and not necessarily so subtly. And never before in our 26,000 year cycle have such shifts been noted and recorded the way they are now."

With this shift, those that are ready to embrace it are moving toward enlightenment or true spiritual realization, achievement or attainment. They are moving toward the Christ consciousness of love and acceptance as the way to peace. We are not referring here to a man, but rather to the rank in spiritual evolution that one can attain with a life of service to their fellow man. This is also known as 5D - fifth dimensional living... and beyond.

For those unwilling to shift (many of whom are leaving the planet), they remain entrenched in 3D and materialism, as well as victim or crisis consciousness. For those that remain there, and who choose NOT to leave the planet at this time or in the relatively near future, their lessons to get them to 5D are going to come hard and fast. No worries, though. They signed up for that... specifically, they signed up to be on the planet at the time of the great shift to burn off large portions of their karma that kept them in 3D for so long. Their higher selves knew this was the quickest human method to liberation. Our job is to have compassion and hold love for them, and not buy into their processes. They NEED us to do that for them. That is OUR karma, or the agreements that we have made. It is ALL perfect, is it not?

So, the GREAT Shift is on as we move from Crisis Consciousness (victim) to Christ Consciousness (liberated/ascended/transcended creatorship) together.  It is SUCH an exciting time of re-unification to higher knowledge and deeper truths. Can you feel it? I can.

Ever Awakening, Always LOVE ~


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