GAB – Options in the Stream Of Consciousness

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GoldenArrowSometimes, we think we are lacking abundance, which prevents us from getting exactly what we need in the moment that the proverbial “life raft” is thrown to us. Sometimes God asks us to swim to him while he pulls us in. If you want to manifest abundance, you MIGHT need to consider trusting seeing "abundance" when it shows up, taking the leap, and then more of it, perhaps in the monetary form, can reach you. Sometimes this can only happen when we open the door with our trust of that process. Consider taking the leap now. It may just be the only thing keeping you in the pattern of lack of what it is you desire. And don’t be afraid to ask the Universe to show you HOW to afford what it is you need… meaning, perhaps the people willing to assist you are willing to work with you on payments, etc. There are ALWAYS options in the stream of consciousness...

Ever Awakening, Always LOVE ~


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