GAB – New Versions of You By The Moment

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GoldenArrowWas catching up with an old friend when this wisdom came through... "You are who you are in every moment. Let the moment define you, then you define the moment."

Loved it because to me it meant that it's ok to simply be who we are moment to moment... all of it. Denying any of it, would be denying ourselves. But when we can be ourselves in each moment, we let the moment show us how far we've come, or where our work lies, or both. From there, you define the next best version of you... and then the next moment comes.

Just be careful to not let any ONE moment trick you into believing that's who you are and that's it. The key to the quote for me was that it simply meant, "Live and learn moment to moment, seeing who you are, and up-leveling it every chance you get."

Ever Awakening, Always LOVE ~


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