GAB – Life Will Happen – Breathe Deeply

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GoldenArrowLife occurs daily, without our need to create drama. The drama just seems to unfold around us, right? So here's the thing... when it does, gently remember to use your breath to center yourself amidst the ongoings in your life as well as the drama of others. Buy not into the drama, and avoid creating more of it.

"Feed you and your family first", and then, IF there is left over love and/or energy in the tank, use your breath again. Doing so will connect you to your intuitive sense(s).

This will guide you best on what steps to take next, or possibly on how/if to help another without fixing them, but rather leading them to their own answers.

You will have SO much more energy for you that you will actually believe you got a great night's rest, or an incredible workout and that you actually went to the gym... and you did... the spiritual one.

The breath connects you to all that is and the great expanse of potential that exists for you in all moments.

Ever Awakening, Always LOVE ~


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