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GoldenArrowIn the wake of the US Election where the electoral votes went in favor of Donald Trump, I have been told in no uncertain terms that we (as a country, and as a planet) have a choice - to choose love or fear. Below is that message in its wholeness. Please choose to read it FROM the love in which it was sent. It might just shift your heart.

So here is a message loud and clear… " “Hillary” [not necessarily who she is, but what she was projected by many to represent as the Divine Feminine] DID win, has triumphed and will continue to win. It could not be more important at this time to understand that hope is finally high. Remember, you never want to wake a sleeping beast… or a sleeping beauty who carries the fierceness of potential shift… the Divine Feminine IS beautiful, and though she has been lying dormant for so long, she is now alive and well.”

Now, I say to you, each of you, hold a space of truth within you, and send that truth with love to each and every soul on the planet, especially the current President-elect.

Let us watch miracles performed through and around the White House. For we may have just elected a trojan horse, instilled with the fury AND love of the Divine Feminine. It may take time for her to fully Rise as the Phoenix she is, but she IS rising. ~ Archangel Haniel

I am also now told, as I close this post, "What you hoped for, and have been hoping for in your hearts, is drawing nearer by the moment. The next 4 years will show you this. Have faith, and let love guide your way." ~ Archangel Michael 

Perhaps our greatest triumph of all is when we elect to see love in the face of fear. Even amidst a moment in time where we "think" fear is present, you can still elect love.

Ever Awakening, Always LOVE ~


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