GAB – Ascension & The Detox Catch 22

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GoldenArrowHi everyone. I posted this info below in a private forum on FB this afternoon. The feedback was that this was very helpful, so I decided to post it here as well... hope you find it useful...

Not sure if anyone is "feeling it" the way the below post would help you see through it, but given this emotional month of the blood moon, the info below might be helpful. In a recent dialogue I had with someone, the following incredible information came through about growth, death of the ego, and how physical detox during deep processing actually occurs. And remember, this is why things like Japa, meditations, Conscious Bonfires, energy healing modalities, (and on and on) actually exist. They are doing things that we cannot even understand yet. But if you don't let the detox move THROUGH you, you could actually begin attaching to and labeling things (such as fear, doubt, lack, etc) as the detox is just pulling those things through you to rid you of them. So it's the detox catch 22, and I found it pretty fascinating. If it helps, great! If not, great! If you need more specific info for you, PM me and maybe we can discuss further...

THE DETOX CATCH 22 - on the topic of feeling like you don't know what's happening, or don't know how to make sense of things -

"...on some deeper level, even at our seeming lowest or most vulnerable, we always know what’s happening on a higher level and saying that we don’t is generally just resistance to the process of becoming. read that last sentence one more (or several more) time(s).

even when it feels like nothing is happening, a lot is going on. It can only reveal it’s magnificence when we allow whatever is moving to move THROUGH us, which means it needs to move AND come out. don’t attach or create stories, even ones like “i don’t know what’s going on”, because those very thoughts give into victim consciousness, sometimes 3-4 (or more) layers deep and not “known” to the conscious mind.

We trick ourselves and fool ourselves (or our ego does) into believing that we’re just watching the thoughts, when in fact we feel victim or powerless to what’s actually occurring when we say, “i don’t know what’s happening”. You do know what is happening. It may not look or feel in a moment like it’s GIANT or sexy or miraculous, but that’s because we need to sit still enough to notice the detox that is occurring. That’s what this is… detox. But don’t buy into feeling crappy. Let it move through you, and you will literally excrete that energy and will be feeling much better in a day or two."

Ok, that's it... not much, but simple and powerful for me. I hope you or someone that you love can benefit.

Ever Awakening, Always LOVE ~


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