The Power of Awareness

ON APRIL 29th FROM 7-9:30pm

Monroe, NY

With Transformational Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and Motivational Speaker Ray Rolando

Next to your breath, and using it correctly, awareness is quite possibly the most powerful thing you can cultivate within you. Like any useful tool, you must learn how to properly use it to become a true master craftsmen. Doing so lends itself to keen perspectives for healthier, happier living - in the workplace and at home with family and friends.

Come join us for an evening of fun, enlightening conversation and Q&A. Strategies will be introduced to help you master your awareness while helping you to avoid negative patterning. Using humor and his unique style of intuitive coaching, Ray will assist you to access your innate power and wisdom.

Ray Rolando is the owner of Oceans Of Calm, Center for Well-being, which he founded in 2007 and now operates with his wife, Colby. He is a highly regarded Transformational Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and Motivational Speaker. His ability to “see the unseen” has helped thousands of people all over the world identify and move obstacles, heal deep wounds, and begin to live their highest potential. Advising clients and co-facilitating their personal journeys, Ray becomes a witness to their powerful, and often times life-changing transformations.

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Apr 29 2016


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Abundance of Angels
8 DeAngelis Drive