Enchanted Q&A: An Evening of Healing with the Archangels & Ascended Masters

archangel-gabriel350x543ON JULY 30th FROM 7-9:30pm

With Divine Channel, Healer & Teacher Ray Rolando

Come spend an evening with the Archangels and KNOW there is more to it all!

During this incredible and unique opportunity, the Archangels (including Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Jeremiel and others) and the Ascended Masters (such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Mother Theresa, Buddha, Gandhi, Ganesha, Krishna and Shiva) make themselves available to you in a question and answer format! They will be providing a real experience for you to know beyond knowing that you have been touched and shifted, so that you can live a more positive, loving, authentic, and heart-centered life.

Whether you are looking for answers about career, relationships, or crossed loved ones, or just possibly a deeper meaning, experience and direction on your spiritual path, the Archangels and Masters are here to assist you. Bring forth your questions, and KNOW that you will absolutely receive what you need at this time. They are here, for you, to assist humanity’s evolution into ONE of balanced heart and harmony once more. Come, sit with them, feel them, and be guided and touched by them and their Cosmic Wisdom.

Ray Rolando is the creator of Oceans Of Calm, Center for Well-being, which he founded in 2007 and now operates with his wife, Colby. Ray is a Transformational Coach, Channel, Healer and Spiritual Teacher. He is sought after for his gifts of intuition and mystical insight, and for his depth of sage-like wisdom. Known to be an ambassador for the Archangels and a maven of the Masters, Ray is a clear channel for Divine guidance and wisdom. His ability to “see the unseen” has helped thousands of people all over the world to identify and move obstacles, heal deep wounds, and begin to live their highest potential. He is a messenger of peace, whose gifts include his loving presence, an ability to read, work with, and move energy, and a natural sense of humor. This unique combination facilitates an environment where others can open their hearts and minds, allowing them to heal, expand, and shift their perspectives for positive growth.

This experience will consist of Divine Channeling, Universal Cosmic teachings, transformational music, meditation, light-heartedness and fun. The goal of the evening is to allow you to experience and know that you have been seen and heard by high-vibrational, loving beings as they stir moving elixirs of peace and truth.

We look forward to the honor and privilege of serving in this unique way with each of you.

Due to the intimate nature of the evening and the intention of the Archangels and Masters to connect with each attendee, this event is currently being limited to the first 10 registrants.  

For any questions or additional information, feel free to call us at 845-637-5191, or email Colby at colby@oceansofcalm.com. You may also visit our Contact page to provide us with more details about how we can further assist you.

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Jul 30 2015


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Oceans of Calm
549 NY-17