Elevate to Calm: An Infusion of Light

ON Thursday, March 19th FROM 7:00-8:30pm EST

LIVE Zoom Webinar with Ray Rolando





Come and raise your vibration above the noise and accept an infusion of light ! ! !

We are in unprecedented times for sure.  The light IS winning while darkness is presently making its exit. As the dark exits, however, it is kicking up storms of global unrest triggering mass fear and hysteria.

Throughout history, our race has been faced with seemingly impossible challenges and yet our humanity always proves victorious whilst showing us our resilience. All it takes is a spark of light, or an infusion of kindness from a single individual to another to ignite the contagion of love that soothes the heart and provides the hope needed that the sun will rise again tomorrow.

This event is an opportunity for us to create a bright future, while putting to rest the noise of the world that has been resonating so loudly within us. Together we will shift the noise to poise, re-directing our collective ship upon calm seas. For it starts with you, and infects the world one heart at a time.

During this event, you will experience inner joy once more while elevating to a frequency of "calm". Powerful, new creations of hope and opportunity will take shape within you as gifted and respected spiritual teacher, Ray Rolando, delivers messages of truth, peace and prosperity of spirit. As a medium of Global Hope, he will facilitate an infusion of light into your cells with downloads of hope, courage, and wise action as your hearts expand to incorporate the beautiful energy. 


Pre-Registration In-Person Attendance: $25
                               Remote Attendance*: $15

Register Now Below

Prior knowledge or understanding is not required. Remote Attendance* for this workshop is available. For further information, feel free to call/email Colby at 845-637-5191 or colby@rayrolando.com.

* NOTE: This event is happening LIVE through Zoom Conferencing. Live attendees will receive a direct transmission of light during the event. For those, who wish to attend, but cannot make the live event, they may purchase remote attendance and receive the recorded transmission afterwards. A digital mp3 recording will be made available for ALL (live and remote) registrants. 


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Apr 20 2015


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm