Conscious Awakening Wellness Programs™


Conscious Awakening is about learning to unlearn, transcend, or rise above (i.e. "ascending" beyond) old, patterned, limiting beliefs and behaviors stemming from fear-based, social "norms" and emotional traumas.

"Unravel the Mystery Within!"

Acquiring and applying powerful mindfulness tools and techniques has been proven to boost the human body's immune system and improve its resilience as a result of increasing its ability to fend off stress and anxiety.  Doing so allows the true self to resonate more with love, truth, and potential.

"Unlock Your Highest Potential!"

Simply put, the conscious awakening process is the key that unlocks our full potential as human beings.

For anyone looking to do so, Ray has created powerful Conscious Awakening Wellness Programs based on his highly successful transformational coaching programs created for Oceans of Calm. To read about these Transformational experiences, click here.

Conscious Awakening Wellness Programs at RR differ from other coaching opportunities, even with Ray, in that these specialized journeys are truly fully anchored wellness programs based in humanity's paradigm shift into "Leading With The Heart". Clients often report wonderful forward motion, rapid (yet easeful) shifts, and momentus, lasting change.

"Manifest Your Dreams!" Conscious Awakening Wellness Program™ Benefits:

  • Oceans' Energy Vortex: Ray and his wife, Colby, manifested a beautifully crafted Full Support Wellness Center, called Oceans of Calm, to anchor the process of Conscious Awakening on the Planet.  Oceans contains an Energy Vortex that brings wellness, healing and clearing through the ethers 24x7 on all levels of your life (emotional, spiritual, and physical) when you are connected to a Conscious Awakening Wellness Program.
  • Conscious Awakening: The power of these programs has the power to lead you to true spiritual awakening.
  •'s Light Portal: The powerful energies on the website and optional membership literally act as a Light Bridge, or Portal, that connect you to direct guidance from Divine Light Beings
  • A platform: These programs act as a platform for you to obtain effective tools to live a more balanced, more full, and happier version of you
  • Teachings: The high-vibrational, life-changing teachings of love, truth, peace, right-conduct and non-violence provide powerful, steady growth and personal transformation
  • Up-Leveling: “Cosmic Downloads”, ah-ha moments, & expansion beyond standard coaching
  • Support & Growth: A continuous flow of unconditional love, support, non-judgment, & forward motion

Below are the current Conscious Awakening Wellness Programs:

A Month of Mastery (new client intro special):

  • 4 Consecutive introductory weeks of Conscious Awakening Wellness Coaching
  • 1 one-hour session per week to ground in new perspectives
  • Complete energetic support for the length of your program from Ray, who acts as your spotter in the spiritual gym
  • Begin to know you, the Conscious Awakening process, and how it pertains to you in a whole new light
  • Begin to significantly shift your outlooks by learning and efficiently utilizing self-mastery tools, such as breath, discernment, awareness, and perspective
  • Begin to become empowered to the world you exist in - after all, you are creating it with your thoughts and perspectives!

The Conscious Corridor - 3 Month Foundational Freedoms:

  • A 12 consecutive week mini-intensive of Conscious Awakening Wellness Coaching
  • 1 one-hour session per week to begin living a new way of empowered life
  • Includes everything from the Month of Mastery program
  • Begin uncovering patterned blind spots that can no longer prevent your wholeness and happiness

Conscious Living - 6 Month Solid Ground:

  • A 26 consecutive week intensive of Conscious Awakening Wellness Coaching
  • 1 one-hour session per week to begin living a new way of empowered life
  • Includes everything from the The Conscious Corridor - Foundational Freedoms program
  • Aligned for those ready to begin using conscious tools as second nature

Annual Conscious Awakening Wellness Program - Healthy Mind, Healthy Life:

  • A 52 consecutive week full year intensive committed to 100% investing in your new life
  • 1 one-hour session per week for a year
  • Includes everything from the Ascended Living - Solid Ground program
  • Aligned for those going through major transition and/or internal transformation and READY to make REAL changes NOW

More on the Power of These Programs

Ray is a visionary who can help you see your big picture and reflect it back to you. He is a powerful healer and channel for your Divine Alchemy. He has also been trained and certified in various healing modalities, and is a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner. Utilizing his gifts, along with his extensive training, he has crafted a very powerful blend of tools, called Golden Alchemy™, to provide specialized, one-on-one wellness coaching programs that support you during your session AND between sessions.

These packages, combined with the Pillars of Peace Membership offered on this website, are designed to accelerate the activation of purpose by providing a conscious guide who helps to further awaken the heart to its true essence. Ray does this through powerful energy healing combined with conscious coaching and NLP. This process keeps you consistently aligned with your Higher Self during this powerful time of transformation.

We're looking forward to working with you!