Channeled Coaching Q&A Forum

This is actually pretty exciting. From the beginning, one of my primary intentions has been to REACH as many people with the teachings and self-empowerments of conscious mind and heart, whether they became members of, did individual private sessions with me, or invested in deep, program-length work. This forum is the ticket that helps to fulfill that reach and to deepen your process!

It doesn't matter if you are a long-time client already doing deep work, or a site member on the other side of the world. This Q&A now provides me the opportunity to be your coach and guide even if just for a moment. If you are a platinum member, you get to ask questions and receive direct, guided and channeled insights and wisdoms from the Archangelic and Master realms through me in response to those questions. The intention is that the response uplift the ENTIRE forum and all those loved ones connected to each of you. Helping you helps everyone in your experience.

So, it’s easy. Just connect to your heart, post your questions and I’ll connect to the "powers that be" and reply with direct, channeled guidance. In group consciousness fashion, other people may comment or add to the thread until it is closed. I will determine when the thread is considered closed.

Although this space is not intended to be a place to receive a private session, it IS intended to give brief higher guidance responses with deep insights into "where you are". Though you can share stories, keeping the inquiries (the questions themselves) succinct will help "we" consciousness, which will definitely empower the "I AM" in each of you. Should a response incite a desire to uncover deeper meaning and clarity for you, where more detail would be helpful, I suggest contacting the team to make an appointment for a private session, or considering one of our powerful Ascension Coaching Wellness Programs.

I look forward to the conscious sharing this incredible opportunity provides us all!

Ever Awakening, Always LOVE ~