THE MYSTIC 365 – Matter of Energy

Everything you "think" you are dealing with is simply a "matter" of energy. Shift your perspective, shift your matter. Shift your matter, shift your energy. Shift your energy, shift your world. ~ THE MYSTIC

THE MYSTIC 365 – Good Company

Good company will keep you on the right track. When you question your circumstances, check in with what company you have been keeping. It is determining your environment. ~ THE MYSTIC

THE MYSTIC 365 – Trust Even When…

If you are cold even when the water is warm, trust your instincts. It does not matter what everyone else chooses to swim in if it is not right for you. ~ THE MYSTIC

THE MYSTIC 365 – Way Out of Suffering

The way out of suffering is to stop believing in the systems that created it. Control, fear and lack are not the truth and they limit your ability to create. Come back to your heart. ~ THE MYSTIC