THE MYSTIC 365 – In No Time

Nothing is possible tomorrow or yesterday. Presence in THIS moment is the eternal key to greatness and positive change. ~ THE MYSTIC

THE MYSTIC 365 – Path to Peace

Your path to peace begins with acceptance of ALL other paths, even if they do not resonate with your truth. A disciplined practice of your process of acceptance will begin to lead to inner stillness. This inner stillness eventually leads to a steady eye perceiving the world without judgment of its ...

THE MYSTIC 365 – Every Potential

Out of nothing, anything is possible. Where you see loss, or perceive something missing, look again. Perhaps you will have found a space to create exactly what it is you need instead of what you thought you wanted. And when you surrender your wants in service to a higher purpose, ...

THE MYSTIC 365 – Feel the Feelings

Feelings are only that... feelings. Allow them to move through you, for what you resist persists. So have the courage to have a look, and release yourself from the fear that is not real. It requires so much less energy to look than to resist. So set yourself free. ~ THE ...

THE MYSTIC 365 – Miracle Eyes

Your world is FULL of miracles, if only you would choose to see them.  How you view the world determines your perceptions of it and your creations in it. Choose potential always, and watch the miracles unfold. It REALLY does work that way. ~ THE MYSTIC

THE MYSTIC 365 – Door of Brilliance

When you allow the door to open for life force to pour through you, you become the channel of brilliant service. Then you can become an incredible spectator for its miracles. ~ THE MYSTIC

THE MYSTIC 365 – Life-Saving Smiles

If you could remember that smiles literally have the power to save lives, it would change the way you "see" the outer world. Some souls simply need to be seen and recognized by the light to know that they are worth it. What an easy service. ~ THE MYSTIC

THE MYSTIC 365 – Unmasking Beliefs

Beliefs masquerade as truth until you unmask them and see the deeper truth. Dig deep beyond your beliefs to see if happiness resides in challenging them.