THE MYSTIC 365 – A New Day

In ANY moment, the ONLY thing that stands between you and a "new day" is a choice. Draw a line, cross it, and come back to love. ~ THE MYSTIC

THE MYSTIC 365 – 90/10 Rule

If you are not at least 90% happy doing what you are doing, then you are more than 10% unhappy doing so. If this is true, this would be a good time to evaluate whether getting to 90% is feasible, or if you are living Einstein's formula for measuring insanity. ...

THE MYSTIC 365 – Lovingly Blunt

Sometimes, the only course of action that is appropriate is to be firm while remaining loving. Your love is not to be taken for granted. Loving does not always look calm and relaxed. ~ THE MYSTIC

THE MYSTIC 365 – Stay The Course

Stay the Course, for you know not where it takes you and this is the point. If you knew, what motivation would you have? ~ THE MYSTIC