THE MYSTIC 365 – Conscious Reality

Your consciousness is stronger than your reality. You create your reality from what you believe. You may believe whatever you allow your consciousness to show you. This includes the belief that your reality is pre-determined and that it creates your consciousness, until it doesn't and you change that belief too. ...

THE MYSTIC 365 – Polishing Out

Like any "perfect" gem that is first found in the rough, and then it is polished and cleaned, so to are you "perfect". Your experiences, especially the tough ones, are polishing you out. Thank them, and you, for the experience. ~ THE MYSTIC

THE MYSTIC 365 – Waste of Energy

Attempting to change a single thought in another's mind is literally a waste of energy. If you influence someone, and they change their mind, fantastic. But, remember, they still did it. You cannot. Instead, live your life knowing the example that it sets. ~ THE MYSTIC

THE MYSTIC 365 – Social Detox

Enlightenment comes when one detoxifies enough from social consciousness to remember enough of who they truly are. ~ THE MYSTIC

THE MYSTIC 365 – Ego-Aid

It is the ego that believes it does not need help. Everyone requires aid. After all, what gives you your breath... you? ~ THE MYSTIC

THE MYSTIC 365 – Weather-Related

The external weather often reflects internal opportunities. For example, the soft quiet cleansing of snow offers an opportunity for solitude. See the external and the internal as mirrors, and always remain attuned to the signs. ~ THE MYSTIC