Absolute Trust

Absolute trust in the Universe is something that must exist on good days AND not so good days. The not so good days are the best practice for fertile ground in this garden.


Connection begins within. When the fire within is well-stoked, the connections without reflect it.

UnLeaky Guts

It takes guts, courage, gumption to remain centered in your being and not leak your energy out to others who would prefer you diminish yourself to make them feel better. Be strong. You ARE loved.

Environmental Affect

Environmental osmosis occurs while growing up. Mindful observation allows for environmental clean-up.

Greatest Mind

The greatest mind in history is the one that minds its own business.

Allowing Others

Allowing others their ignorance is a service to all involved.

Live Your Truth

You are not here to be liked, validated or appreciated. You are here to live your authentic experience as you, and to love yourself doing so, while ensuring that your motivations are pure and loving.