The Whole Show

You are the director of your film. You are also the actor, and the audience. How would you like this to play out?

Watch The Stories

When you become aware of your stories, watch them as if they are a movie. Rather than believe them, leave them... just as you would the theatre or a show. They are THAT  "reel".

Flow of Life

The flow of life is as easy as you allow it to be. This do not mean it is easy, but that flow can be when attach not to this or that. Instead, be present with this or that while you are there, then move on. Be like moving water.

Think Freedom

Choose to think freely, and you will live with freedom. It has the power to change everything, despite any-thing.

Do Happy

Always do what makes you happy.

Full Steam Ahead

When you are looking to your left, or to your right, or behind you, you are not focused on what is in front of you. When you become distracted in everything else, you draw "everything else" TO BEING in front of you. Choose differently, choose wisely, choose to move forward ...

Valued Attraction

What you value (i.e where you place your focus) will determine what you attract to you next. Remember, sometimes people value drama because they believe it serves them in its familiarity.


Self-discovery leads to deeper levels of happiness that no one person can give to you. That is why YOU discover it.