Moving Past Limitation

To move past perceived limitations, you must welcome the "limitation" as something that has obviously served you. Then, it has no power over you any longer.

Confused by Purge

Don't be confused when you thin you are looping in the same pattern. It is never the same. It has merely arrived again to purge a little more from your system each time. Allow it, rather than resist it, and it will move through and out of you.

Man vs Consciousness

A man died, and a savior was born. You are not the body. You are consciousness. Be with this in the body, and become your own savior.

Polished Gem

That which challenges the spirit, polishes it into a precious gem.

What IS Answers

When you stop searching for answers and become comfortable in what "is", the "what is" shows you the answers.

The Lazarus Effect

Remember, that which re-arises like Lazarus provides another chance at enlightenment.

Unknown Future

If you knew your future, there would be no impetus for being here.

Still Opportunity

It is in the stillness that you not only feel peace, but where you see opportunities to create more of it.