Tough Energies

When tough energies arise, if you are still enough amidst the ruffling of your feathers, you can hear their loving messages for you. These are the moments that literally make others.

Day Of-f Blessings

When a planned day off turns into a day of service appointments, you are blessed... and so are they.

To Step Out

When you know who you are, stepping out in service inspires others to do the same.

Investing Your Time

Investing your time and energy with those who see your value is a worthwhile strategy.

Meeting Them

Meeting "them" where they are keeps them safe. Influencing by example, rather than words, is a better way.

Nothing To Do

Having nothing to do is SUCH a blessing. Use these moments to fill yourself up for when you will need the energy most.

A Way Out

To see things as they are, rather than as you are, is a way out of suffering.