Facing Fear

Facing your fear equates to eliminating it.

Long Day

A long day provides the opportunity to appreciate all the experiences it brought you with the added feature of helping you to appreciate the silent moments even more.

Stuck Thinking

You cannot move forward if you are stuck thinking about how. Trust and take one step in the direction that has shown itself to you. The rest will unfold as it should.

Road To Heaven

The road to heaven is paved with challenging hells when you look through a lens that contains them. You must choose to see beyond the lens.

Every Corner

When every corner is an opportunity for growth, you are never against the ropes.

Allowing the “Bad”

Allowing the "bad" to pass through, rather than resisting, brings the good back sooner.

Milking Life

Milking life for all that it has to offer you is still work. Enjoy in equal measure.

Allow The Sunrise

When you allow the sun to rise within you despite the weather, you are in balance.


Self-prayer can be the most loving act of courage.

Attached to Suffering

Attachment to anything with a belief you cannot live without it will eventually cause suffering.