Choosing Life

In order to choose living, you must first choose to be here in a body with all that comes with that territory.

Choose Freedom

Your thoughts determine "prison cell" or "freedom". Choose freedom. It is a practice that CAN lead to a new reality.

Actually Not Bad

The saying, "When it rains, it pours!" can actually be a GOOD thing. Think on this.

Allow Suprise

Allow yourself to be surprised by NOT knowing everything, and surprise will find you once more!

Gift of Life

Allow it now to dawn on you how much you take for granted. But do not self-criticize. Love yourself with compassion for your lack of remembering. The struggle is not who you are.

Joy of Living

The joy of living arrives when the routine of worry departs.

Allow Departure

When you gracefully allow the departure of completed energy, you immediately create space for the arrival of new energy.

Allowing Abundance

When you are ok with what is and are grateful for it, you allow the abundance you seek in your heart to find you faster.

Easefully Makes Easier

Though challenges are inevitable, doing them with ease IS possible, and creates an EASE-ful atmosphere.

Allow The Universe

Allow the Universe to show you how to handle the next step. To do so, breathe and surrender the moment, trust, and let go.