RR.com is a high-frequency gateway here to welcome anyone looking for additional guidance, support, and perspective during our planet's great time of ascension into 5D consciousness of love and oneness. Archangel Michael says, "The ascension is about harnessing the energies of love and compassion within to create the world you yearn for without.  It is about no longer seeing "things" as dense objects, but feeling into the subtle to bring forth new material creations of love and light." Therefore, the energetic downloads provided on this site are being brought forth by the Ascended Masters and the Archangels through respected Visionary, Channel & Teacher, Ray Rolando.  They contain some of the highest vibrational teachings that exist on the planet at this time, and incorporate the 5 human values of love, truth, peace, right-conduct and non-violence.

Our goal is to provide a complete foundation of support to you throughout your ascension process to assist you in building and sustaining the life you know is possible.  Our offerings  are aimed at supporting the collective conscious human awakening of each Cosmic soul.

In addition to the popular weekly Mystic’s Message available to all visitors, our Pillars of Peace membership program offers activated, channeled audio meditations from the Ascended Masters and consecutively written Archangel channels in a 4-part series to support each audio activation. In addition, Ray has crafted a very powerful blend of tools and offers one-on-one Ascension Wellness Programs for individuals looking for on-going, live support.

Archangel Gabriel and St. Germain have provided some very powerful insight regarding the breakdown (alchemy) of the above formula to explain the uniquely powerful energy behind RR.com:

Archangel Gabriel says of the Archangels and Ascended Masters working together in this way, "This unique combination pairs activated meditations from the Ascended Masters in The Lightworker's Bow along with channeled loving guidance and wisdom from us in the Archangel Wings. Our channels are specifically intended to support the activations, which will be awakening Cosmic truth at a cellular human level to help ease the ascension, and it's so-called symptoms."

Master Saint Germain continues, “Yes, and since new manifestation requires a third neutral energy in the trinity of energies needed to bring together the poles, we requested that Ray act as neutral. You see, the Ascended Masters in their former earth-bound lives were human beings who generally mastered the human experience and purpose early on, and now serve humanity from a higher realm.  The Archangels, while never human, are unparalleled in their desire to serve God Consciousness in man, while bringing forth the messages of loving wisdom, guidance and support to all. So there you have the two poles, positive and negative (prior human beings and non-human beings), utilizing a neutral party (Ray - a human) to connect to the Earth (ground) and then manifest (or materialize) higher wisdom in human form.

The combined energy of Ascended Master and Archangel teachings is intended to help further awaken the heart and activate purpose. Blending that with Ray’s ability to coach others in the ascension process, what has been created is a tri-fold formula for success: 1) high-vibrational channeled and activated audio meditations and teachings from the Masters, 2) consecutively written 4-part channels of support and wisdom from the Archangels, and 3) complete support mechanisms in the form of Ascension Wellness Programs with a conscious coach to help guide you on your journey. We deem this trifecta the "Enlightenment Assistance Program™”.

Given this powerful combination to the Cosmic Vault, we hope that you allow us to serve you as your incredible journey continues to unfold.

Ever Awakening, Always Love ~