7 – 31 – 17 – Master Jesus’ The Calm

Ray The Lightworker's Bow Leave a Comment

Master-Jesus-The-CalmPeacefulness has arrived. The calm you are looking for is right here. Imagine sitting with Master Jesus for 15 minutes, and then add a minute and 20 seconds as he takes you straight to your dharmic path. Just wow. Jesus the Christ teaches very succinctly, with precision, in a calm and balanced way just how to get in rhythm with consciousness, so that you have access to your FULL resources. Jesus talks about how reigning in the focus is as simple as re-directing it to this place of "slow down" within you. And if you feel you cannot easefully do it on your own, he invites you to pick up this audio whenever you need to. It will take you to an empowered calm straight away.


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