5 – 27 – 2016 – Anandamayi Ma’s Sweetness of Surrender

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Anandamayi-MaAnd what a master she is! Right from the very instant you hear her soft, measured and intentionally crafted phrases, it becomes clear that Anandamayi Ma is teaching by example. Throughout this incredible deep dive into inner stillness, Ma delivers constant pearls of wisdom, including how surrender leads to manifestation. She talks about how practicing the spiritual teachings of watching your thoughts and self-forgiveness leads to liberation. In addition, Ma talks about how practicing stillness eliminates patterns and brings you home to the creator. Further, she states that your own practice acts as an example for you for future unfoldments on your journey, and how that practice acts as a space-holder for others as an example of the way. SO many gems hidden in this one - hope your brought your scuba gear!


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