5 – 12 – 17 – St. Anthony’s Art of Peace

RayThe Lightworker's Bow Leave a Comment

Immediate Stillness! That is the subtle power of this incredible meditation. St. Anthony's ability to bring you into stillness upon his first spoken words is so powerful. He goes on to tell us the importance of scripture, but not for the reasons you perhaps once thought. It is not about doctrine. It is about so much more, perhaps mostly even the unspoken word. St. Anthony, the Master Orator, talks to us about the power of energy and how he delivered powerful truths through his service of speaking passionately.

NOTE: St. Anthony talks about Pope John John Paul exhuming his body, and almost deliberately throws the audience because it was St. Bonaventure who first exhumed the body 32 years after his death and Bonaventure apparently found dust in place of bones. John Paul found all of the above in 1981 AND his bones. Thus, the teaching of how what you feel from the energy of the spoken word is always more important than words that distract. In fact, if you listen more than once, you will hear a slight break from talking of John Paul to referring to "they". It is here that Anthony challenges you to listen with your heart and to find the magic in YOUR truth. What a master!


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