4 – 22 – 2016 – Master Rakoczy’s Trap Door to Freedom

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Master Rakoczy sets up the spiritual aspirant's trap door... but wait! It's a "trap" door designed to catch you in your thoughts and free you from them. You see, the negative aspects of the ego mind will run rampant on us until we learn to reign in its wandering ways. In this incredible gem, Master Rakoczy, one of the greatest alchemical teachers in Earth's history, uses a concept known as "reverse anchoring" to provide a positive spin on the elusive game of Happiness the spiritual aspirant tends to play. While dowsing us with mystical elixirs that set the mind at ease, Rakoczy masterfully guides us back to the present moment where all of our potential lies dormant waiting to be called upon once we return from here and there to claim it.  


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