3 – 27 – 17 – The Garden of Ganesh

Ray The Lightworker's Bow Leave a Comment

The-Garden-of-GaneshThis serene meditation calms and soothes as Ganesh energetically shows you who you are. Here, he teaches that to invite prosperity, abundance and success, we must make ready the path by clearing away old patterns of untruth. While he energetically clears your vessel and your aura during this subtly powerful experience, Ganesh teaches how even he is misinterpreted, or misunderstood by the masses, and why. It is almost as though he is crafting a story for you while providing the very healing he speaks of, the same way a fantastic doctor works their magic so that you never "feel any pain". Open up, now, to the beautiful essence of Ganesh while he lovingly vanquishes and neutralizes your doubts, so that you may have all that is positive and waiting for you.


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