1 – 2 – 17 – Hilarion’s Healing For Humanity

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Hilarions-Healing-for-HumanityThis powerful meditation is both an amazing reminder as well as a maintenance gem. This transmission is perfect for those who believe they need to step back into 5D if you think you have lost your way. Having said that, it is equally as powerful as a maintenance tool, there to assist those already in 5D as a wonderful way to help hold down the fort! Master Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Science and Healing, talks about his "forgetting", how Jesus gave him a window of opportunity to remember, and that he chose it from the Divine Mind. He then extends that same opportunity to each of us! He reminds us of the three spiritual keys that act as the "ticket" Home, and that when we hold this trinity within us, we become the example the rest of the world is in such great need of. Listen intentfully, remember who you are, and change your reality. For the New Year awaits your manifestations! 


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