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Welcome to, where The Heavens and Earth converge.

Ray Rolando is a powerful channel of unconditional love and the Divine Mind - a respected Healer, Teacher & Transformational Awakener working closely with the Higher Realms as a service to the planet.

Through this interstellar gateway, Ray magically dips into the subtle quantum field to bring forth messages of higher truth and potential that support conscious human awakening.

Membership and Conscious Awakening Wellness Programs on this portal offer opportunities to transcend limiting beliefs and behaviors that stem from learned, fear-based patterns. Known as conscious awakening, this process unlocks the key to our full potential as human beings.

High-vibrational (positive, uplifting, powerful) teachings and activations from the Archangels and Masters are here for you to awaken human purpose and assist our planet's shift into unity consciousness.

We aim to help you excavate the wisdom within to create the life of your dreams.

Conscious Awakening Wellness Programs: Work with Ray


Work with Ray

Ray Rolando is a highly regarded channel and teacher in the arena of spirituality and our planet's conscious awakening. Equipped with a lifetime of challenging yet magical experiences, along with a decade of in-depth study, certifications and serving others, Ray has crafted a proven blend of tools to provide powerful, one-on-one wellness programs for conscious awakening. Specifically designed to complement the Pillars of Peace Site Membership, Ray acts as your personal guide to help ease and accelerate the activation of your purpose.


The Pillars of Peace Site Membership offers unique and unprecedented access to Universal truths using teachings that act as keys to the Cosmic Vault. Included are The Lightworker's Bow™ and the Archangel Wings. In The Lightworker's Bow™, the Ascended Masters provide powerful meditations to activate Cosmic truth on a cellular human level. In the Archangel Wings, a new consecutively written channel will appear in a 4-part series from one of 5 Archangels to support the current audio. They will support the Master activations, helping to spark and direct your internal compass.


Since 2009, THE MYSTIC'S Message has been providing powerful channels of guidance, support and hope to the awakening masses. Through this portal, free to all visitors of this site, Cosmic Consciousness speaks as the ONE Collective Voice. The concept of THE MYSTIC lies at the fundamental nature of our existence... to know and find God by activating God-consciousness in man. Offering higher frequencies of truth, THE MYSTIC's Message awakens individualized service, which promotes service to mankind.

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